Barcelona International Airport’s Terminal T1 Debut

As the air travel increases and in-flight features upgrade, airports step up their features too. Barcelona International Airport is one such airport. Being one of the top ten airports in Europe that has over 100,000 passengers a day, and predicting to greet over 30 million a year, Barcelona International Airport has introduced a new addition – Terminal T1.

T1 Terminal – Barcelona International Airport

Barcelona International Airport Terminal 1

Barcelona International Airport Terminal 1 | (cc) Vcm

The gleaming new terminal was designed by the renowned Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill. The airport architecture is out of this world with a sword-shaped construction. This US$ 1.7 billion International Airport is lit up with natural lights by its floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

The spacious Barcelona International Airport has a Spa, Fitness Center, Hair Salon, four VIP Lounges and a Multi-Faith Chapel. It does not end there. There are 256,181 square feet of shopping area, which has 51 shops and 30 bars and restaurants. If you are business traveler, you won’t be disappointed either. There is a 28,000 square foot Business Center that has five offices and multi-purpose section with five Board Rooms. In the center of all this, you can step into the Gym for a work out or rest in one of the 10 Rooms with beds, baths and TV’s.

The floors are made of polished white granite, and the ceiling is made of ceramic tiles with a slight arch that gives a futuristic effect. The construction of the Barcelona International Airport allows enough light to pass through the glass walls, which creates a Mediterranean style terminal. If that is not enough for this high-tech and savoy airport, there are hundreds of solar panels on the aluminum roof, which consequently heats 70% of the water in Terminal T1. The architecture of the terminal’s interior, known as the “Sky Center“,  allows for panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscape.

By the sound of it, Terminal T1 at Barcelona International Airport is one luxurious place that provides travelers with everything they can possibly think of  to make traveling less hectic and enjoyable. Only if Tom Hanks was stranded at Terminal T1 instead of JFK, he would still live there…happily :) Have you visited Terminal T1? Share your thoughts and experience with rest of the travelers.

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