In-Flight Tips To Make Your Journey Enjoyable

I’m a huge fan of flying so I’m always in the look out for in-flight tips. I love the window seat by the wing. Don’t ask me why, I just do. During the flight, I’m the one who is wide awake while others are fast asleep. I would be watching movies, listening to music, reading books & magazines and even laughing at the safety information drawing they have in the booklet. They are quite funny, if any of you really take the time to read it. And of course while doing all that, I often enjoy a glass of gin and tonic as well. Then comes my first ‘secret in-flight tip‘, which is changing my seat so I’m not sitting next to someone. Why? It gives me enough space to stretch my legs and even sleep. Nice huh? All these make my flight travel a bit more enjoyable.

Enjoy Your Flight With These In-Flight Tips

In-Flight Tips: Inside A320 Flight

Inside A320 Flight | (c) Photo By Simon Grubb

Carry A Travel Pillow

My first in-flight tips is about comfortable sleep during the flight. I know flights give you a small pillow but a travel pillow is so much better, and many of us overlook into carrying one. If you want to sleep comfortably without getting a stiff neck by the time you wake up, a travel pillow will be your best friend. This will also save you from the embarrassment of waking up on your neighbor’s shoulder. I have done it once or twice, then I got myself a comfortable travel pillow.

Read A New Book

If you have a hectic work schedule, kids to look after and have no time to enjoy a new book, what better time is there than a long quiet flight? Make sure your book is light reading material because it’s not like you can go out to feel some fresh air.

Don’t Drink All The Booze

This is one of the international in-flight travel tips to save you from humiliation. Even if it is free in most non-budget flights, drinking all the booze is never a good idea. Not only you will walk back and forth to the bathroom, you will have an on-air hangover that is much worse than on land. If you think chatting up with the flight attendants is cool when you had so much to drink, it is not! If you’re going to drink however, my in-flight tip is – eat something.

Get Organized

Most of the travelers I see put their carry-on in the overhead bin and sit only to get up a million times to get something they need. Don’t be one of those travelers because it is very irritating for nearby passengers as they may have to get up each time you want to grab something from your bag. Instead get yourself organized before you fasten your seat belt. Grab the things you know you will need during your flight (Kleenex, book, iPod etc). This way you will have a much more enjoyable flight and others can enjoy their flight travel too.

It’s Your Time, Enjoy It!

Have you realized that we spend most of our lives being busy? Rushing around to pick up kids from soccer practice, grabbing groceries after a tiring work day and we don’t even have a moment to think. So take the time just to think…just that only. Pretty much what I’m saying is do nothing. Stare out the window at the clouds if you feel like. You have a few hours to just be in your own world where you will not have anyone calling you, emailing you or pestering you. Enjoy nothingness.

These are some of the flight travel tips that I learned through my travels. Do you have any in-flight tips to add to this list?

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