Lively Beachwear and Flip Flops by Arugam Bay

When it comes to traveling and fashion, especially beach fashion, I get super excited. So whenever I shop for my tropical island trips, I look for beachwear and flip flops. While my fascination of flip flops go over the top, I came across Arugam Bay Beachwear. I was beyond excited to see their lively collection. There is a story to their colorful products, which I think it is so unique. Scroll down to read their story.

Arugam Bay Beachwear & Flip Flops

Arugam Bay Beachwear: Candy Floss Sandals

Candy Floss Sandals | (c) Photo By Arugam Bay Beachwear

Arugam Bay Story

Our Yellow is not Yellow, Purple is not Purple, Green is not Green, Red is not Red, Blue is not Blue, Orange is not Orange, Grey is not Grey, White is not White, Black is not Black…It is how we see colors in our beautiful tropical Island. There are no shades of formality but colors of life captured through objects that surround us. At Arugam Bay we want to bring colors to life for you to enjoy and relate to. When you collect these colors and put them together you will see colors of joy.

Arugam Bay has a range of beach products that you will love.

  • Beach Shorts
  • Flip Flops
  • T-Shirts
  • Caps
  • Beach Bags
  • Swimsuits

The inspirations for their products come from the one and only beautiful Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka. It is one of the top ten surfing destinations in the world! No wonder the products are so inspired, which is colorful, blissful and vibrant. Their products are sure to attract, if not already, all beach lovers and everyone else who loves a simple flip flop and a pair of beach shorts that scream out “Sunshine!”

So what are you waiting for? Grab the most colorful and fashionable beachwear and flip flops from Arugam Bay Beachwear and head out to the sun!

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4 Responses to “Lively Beachwear and Flip Flops by Arugam Bay”

  1. Shamis says:

    These flip flops sure are colorful. Thanks for your comment!
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  2. Saudi Hotels says:

    Really Nice looking flip flops.

    It’s funny that they have this fancy name now “flip flops”

    In my country we used to call them zanooba’s. But they did not have these flashy colors

  3. Shamis says:

    Hope you had lots of fun at Arugam Bay, especially if you like surfing! If your students are interested in getting these awesome flip flops, they can purchase them online from ODEL and Cotton Collection.
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  4. I visited Arugam Bay last year and saw the shoes. Loved them especially since my family lives near the beach in Costa rica (Playa Grande) and spend most of time at the beach surfing (we own a surf school down there). I still have my flip flops and everyone asks about them. Our students always look so disappointed when I tell them I got them in Sri Lanka, and not Costa Rica.