Indulge In A Bora Bora Vacation

A Bora Bora vacation will only conjure images of tropical paradise in the middle of the South Pacific. For that reason alone, Bora Bora vacations is popular for honeymooners and anyone who wishes to be surrounded by tropical beauty. Vacations to Bora Bora is filled with lush green mountains, sparkling blue waters, soft white sandy beaches with clear blue skies and golden sunsets. Prepare yourself to be completely indulged by mountainous interior surrounded by lagoons, which is fully enclosed by coral reefs. Your next holiday to Bora Bora can be a jet-set getaway filled with romance and smiles. Or a island retreat filled with relaxation. You will find it all on this beautiful island called Bora Bora. It truly is the most romantic island in the world.

Vacations To Bora Bora

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Why Bora Bora Vacations Are So Popular?

A Bora Bora vacation is popular because it spells ‘romance’ all over. Truly this is the most romantic island in the world. From the dramatic scenery, privacy and above-the-water bungalows, everything in Bora Bora equals a 10 on the romance scale and every other scale you can imagine. This gorgeous island has been welcoming travelers for over 40 years and is tuned to perfection every way possible. From unique romantic experiences to guests to sunrises and sunsets, everything is perfect. Travelers visiting Bora Bora for a holiday can enjoy:

  • Enchanting turquoise lagoons with unending days of exploration through snorkeling and diving
  • Excitement above the lagoon with canoes, jet skies, and sunset cruises aboard a sailboat
  • Exploration of panoramic views with the ever entertaining local guides
  • Discovery of the world-renowned shopping for local and international original art, Tahitian pearls, perfumes & oils and precious wood handcrafts

Where Is Bora Bora Island?

Are you one of those travelers who is asking ‘Where is Bora Bora?‘ Well, wonder no more as you have found the right place. Far from the crowds, there is a pristine island paradise known as Bora Bora. Placed perfectly in the South Pacific, Bora Bora is the most famous of French Polynesia’s Islands. Discovered in 1722, and arguably the most beautiful island on the planet is located about 160 miles northwest of Tahiti. Inviting you to immerse yourself in a colorful tropical paradise. Bora Bora can be easily described as the center of romantic universe. Filled with luxury resorts scattered all over the island, this island is complete with fabled ambiance and luscious terrain.

Weather In Bora Bora

Like with any holiday destination, it is a good idea to know how Bora Bora weather is like during your Bora Bora vacation. In fact, most of us try to find how the weather is like for the month we are visiting our chosen vacation destination. Good news for travelers to Bora Bora is, the weather can be considered tropical. So it’s sunshine and pleasant most of the time. Weather in Bora Bora is divided into summer and winter seasons. You will notice that it’s not typical summer and winter seasons. Summer is the wet season in Bora Bora (end of November, December, January, February and March). Winter is the dry season (June, July August, September and October). Both seasons have advantages to travelers. There is also one other season, which you might not be familiar with – the shoulder season. This is the season in April to May and November. This time of year is great because it is in between the two seasons, is less busy, and you can enjoy some of the best weather in Bora Bora.

Fortunately for all of the travelers, a tranquil and romantic island such as this exist beyond the fairy tale world. In fact, it is the world’s most famous island that is very real and has captured the hearts of travelers around the world. Today it’s love at first sight when visitors see the mystic blue waters of the lagoons. An exciting warning – You might be tempted to extend your Bora Bora vacation for weeks.

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  1. Another very informative post, Shamis!

    Privacy is definitely the selling point of resorts like Bora Bora. The way how these kinds of resorts are constructed give you the liberty and privacy to do whatever you please in a way that most conventional hotels won’t be able to provide. It’s also the reason why these resorts are also popular among solo travelers looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of the world.

  2. Although I’ve dreamed about the South Pacific ever since I was very young, I’ve never been there. Bora Bora would suit me perfectly! Thanks for the tip about the shoulder season. Maybe I should be planning a November trip. :)

    • Shamis says:

      You’re welcome Cathy. Oh now you’re making me jealous with a November trip to Bora Bora :) If you make it, I will be waiting to read about it on your travel blog.

  3. Donna Spears says:

    Oh that place is like a paradise… I know French Polynesia has so many great beaches to visit.
    Mo’orea is also my favorite spot there!

  4. Bora-Bora is definitely in my bucket list. The whole place looks so amazing! (Thanks by the way for dropping by my blog and hope to see you there again.)