Ongoing Airport Security Madness

There has been so much of talk in the past month or so about airport security. It would be nice to see the end of airport security rules like having to remove your shoes, the limit of liquids to carry and the newest rule – to arrive at the airport three hours prior to the flight departure. Security sure is important but lately it has sky-rocketed to a level that traveling by air is not as fun as it once were. This made me be concerned about three things.

TSA Airport Security

TSA Airport Security Scanner

TSA Airport Security Scanner | (c) Photo By Naturally Yours

Frustrating Travel Time Delays

Due to the new airport security rules, especially the full body scanners, the time we have to spend at airports lengthens. We have to spend most of that time at airport ques or waiting for our gates to be announced. This extra time sure make the travelers tiresome.

Trains Are Just As Insecure As Flights

Have you ever thought that trains are as insecure as flights? Well it is. So why is that we have to go through the agonizing process of airport security with removing shoes and scanners but we do not have to do the same when traveling by train?

Passengers Should Not Let Their Guard Down

With all the security around airports with cameras, scanners, dogs, TSA and police officers I just feel like there are eyes on you the minute you enter the airport. But still it is best to keep your guard up and keep an eye on for any suspicious activities or persons.

The future of airport security seem to get only tougher and it probably will not be as simple as hopping on and off a plane. What annoys you the most about air travel and airport security?

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