Cool Off The Heat With These Popsicles

When the weather is nice and warm, it calls for an ice cold beer or an exotic cocktail like Pina Colada. If you are with family and want to involve kids too, there’s something even better. Everyone will enjoy it too. It’s none other than Popsicles. It surely is the classic icy treat for the summer. Here are five places in the USA that sell popsicles to cool off the summer heat.

Places To Enjoy Popsicles In The USA


Popsicle | (c) Photo By Veggieboomboom

Mobile Popsicle Treats – Los Angeles, California

If you are in Los Angeles and happen to pass either Hollywood Farmer’s Market, Silverlake Farmer’s Market or the Cinespia screenings in L.A., you are bound to find the cutest little bicycle with a freezer cooler hooked to the front called Mobile Popsicle Treats. Michelle Sallah is the chef of these delicious homemade gourmet popsicles. Michelle make the ice pops in many different flavors depending on what fruits and veggies are in season in the area. There are flavors you probably never thought of, such as salty cucumber lime, peach ginger and lemon mint blueberry organic popsicles.

Locopops – Raleigh, North Carolina

Locopops is not an overnight popsicle shop. The owner, Summer Bicknell traveled 2,000 miles in 2004 to Tlazazalca, Mexico for a three-month apprenticeship in paleta making (Mexican frozen treats). She came back and opened her first LocoPops popsicle outlet in Raleigh. LocoPops is the ideal stop for a quick and inexpensive ice pop or a tasty snack on a warm day. Their ice pop flavors range from chocolate brownie, black truffle, strawberry kiwi to pineapple basil.

Meltdown Popsicles – New Orleans, Louisiana

Started in Los Angeles and now in New Orleans, this highly popular Meltdown popsicles is by the proud owner Michelle Weaver. She creates sophisticated and organic ice pops that will make you come back for more. The shop itself is exciting as it has decor that consist of white paper lanterns, cheery green walls and a chalkboard in the front window listing each day’s specials. Meltdown popsicle flavors range from chocolate chili, chocolate mint, blueberry lemonade to saffron and rose water.

King of Pops – Atlanta, Georgia

The king of popsicles is none other than Steven Carse who is making fresh fruit popsicles at King of Pops. If you are looking for a frozen summer treat in Atlanta, you have found the best place in town. The popsicle newcomer in Georgia is making big waves with its unique flavors and it will not disappoint you. Their popsicle flavors range from chocolate sea salt, blackberry mojito, cantaloupe, banana cinnamon, orange basil and blueberry lemongrass. You can find him at the Poncey Highland neighborhood aka Atlanta’s street food center.

La Newyorkina – New York City, New York

NYC has everything and that include delicious ice pops too. Former pastry chef Fany Gerson is the proud owner of La Newyorkina. This place will satisfy your taste buds with its delicious ice pops. The frozen popsicle treats are made with nuts, milk and spices. You can enjoy flavors like mango chili, avocado, hibiscus or cajeta (caramelized goat’s milk). So enjoy these cooling popsicles as you shop or travel in NYC.

If you are not from these areas or traveling there anytime soon, you still can enjoy ice pops by making them. So beat the summer heat with some delicious and cooling ice pops or popsicles.

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