Delta Airlines Worker Charged With Impersonating A Federal Marshal

Not everyone love their job and some just pick a day to be someone they are not. That is just what a Delta Airline ramp worker decided to do at the Logan International Airport in Boston, USA. It could be OK to pretend as a Fashion Designer or a Chef. However, this ramp worker was charged for impersonating a Federal Air Marshal. Uh oh!

Impersonating Gone Wrong With Delta Airlines Worker

Delata Airlines Boeing 767 Planes

Delata Airlines Boeing 767 Planes | (cc) Photo By eisenbahner

Mr. Abdirahman Hassan of Massachusetts, USA has worked for Delta, one of the safest airlines to fly in US, for a decade and has never been an Air Marshal. He had attempted to scam an insurance company after an auto accident. In an argument with the insurance company and the body shop, Mr. Hassan had responded by saying “I wouldn’t do that. I’m a U.S. Marshal”.

This comment was just a simple part of his ‘character,’ the man has told the insurance adjusters that he had been a federal marshal for nine years. Not stopping there, he had gone as far as wearing a pistol strapped to his hip and had an earpiece which is commonly worn by US Secret Service. He had mentioned that he was the type of marshal who flies planes and earned $4500 per month.

A TSA official at Logan Airport has confirmed that Mr. Hassan was never an Air Marshal but has only worked for Delta Airlines for the past ten years. Delta Airlines has currently suspended Mr. Hassan pending an internal investigation. He is charged with falsely impersonating a Federal Air Marshal. If convicted he could be imprisoned for up to three years and subject to a $25,000 fine.

Lesson to be learned here? Be honest if you make a mistake. Sometimes being true and humble can cost only a penny than trying to show someone you are not.

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