Fun And Exciting Travel Jobs

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel, have fun and get paid for it too? That’s exactly what you get with fun jobs in travel industry! Imagine yourself living out of your suitcase. Well, it is not for everyone of course, especially if you love the 9 to 5 routine in a cubical instead of traveling to tropical islands and exotic beaches :) Travel jobs and working abroad opportunities are available in many shapes and forms but you have to pick the one that fits your suitcase. Here are some exciting and fun travel jobs that may change your life!

Fun Jobs In Travel Industry

Fun Jobs in Travel

Fun Jobs in Travel | (c) Photo By Job Search Australia

1. International Flight Attendant

This is the first person I could think of when it comes to traveling and jobs. If there is anyone that really travels, it is a flight attendant. They work round the clock across different time zones. While ensuring passenger safety and comfort at 30,000 feet they get to see cities like Tokyo or Paris as part of the work. Flight attendants get to spend resting time at star class hotels. They can use this time to experience the night life of the country they visit, go shopping or simply relax by the beach (if there is one). And the pay is very attractive too. So how can you possibly say no to this travel job?

2. Travel Agent

Who ignores a discount when it comes to traveling? Not many I presume. As a traveler, you probably know a trick or two about getting a travel deal. Now imagine how many deals you can find if you had a career in hospitality and tourism industry? Travel agents posses the ultimate knowledge and contacts when it comes to traveling – budget or luxury. By becoming one, you can find the best deal when the time comes for you to travel. It is not just the salary and commission you make but the wealth of knowledge and contacts.

3. Cruise Jobs

May it be Cruise Director, Captain, Entertainer, Casino Dealer, Bartender, Housekeeper, Chef, Electrician, Engine Mechanic, Scuba Diving Instructor or Physician, your job can be related to travel and on a cruise ship! How cool is that? If that is not enough, accommodations and food are provided for free on board. In addition, on your off days, you can take your own mini holiday by spending the day on the beach in Fiji. A travel job on a cruise is a great opportunity to get paid to see the world.

4. Travel Writer

Do you want to do what I am doing right this moment? Then simply buy the travel writing guide book written by me for $59.95 – just kidding ;) There is no secret in becoming a travel writer. All you need is in-depth traveling experience in a niche or many, passion for traveling and writing and bit of effort in self promotion. There are many travelers looking for guidebooks on destinations, things to do etc. This is where your knowledge comes in. You can write guidebooks on different topics and sell them. Hmm…maybe I should do this one day too :)

5. Expat

If you are not familiar with the word expat, they are individuals who move abroad for work. For example a Canadian working in Slovenia. Europe is very popular for this. You can find expat centers designated to help expats find work, apartments or just to settle into their new location, short term or long term. This is one of the best ways to travel and soak up a new culture. The experience you gain is priceless. Best part is, once you are satisfied with one country you can move to another.

6. English Teacher

Whether as a profession or not, the demand for teaching English is high around the world, especially in Asian countries. All you need is to get certified through TESOL and you are on your way to teaching English anywhere in the world. This enables you to teach, experience other cultures and maybe learn their language as well.

These travel jobs however, is not a vacation for 365 days of the year. You do have to work but if traveling is your passion, a career in the industry is not just rewarding but fulfilling. Any other fun jobs in travel industry do you know of?

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