Dinner In The Sky At The Amazing Hanging Restaurant

How would you like to have your dinner in the sky? No, this is not a joke and yes, it will be a unique dining experience – guaranteed! This is probably something you never thought of doing of knew you could do such a thing. Now you can have your breakfast, lunch, dinner or business meal in the sky at this amazing hanging restaurant known as Dinner in the Sky. First started in Belgium, this unique sky dinner restaurant stands 50 meters above the ground, hoisted by a crane. There is seating for 22 people complete with a Chef, a Waiter/Server and a Musician or a small music band. What’s even more amazing is that you can chose the location where you would like to dine in the sky without any limitations.

Dinner In The Sky At The Hanging Restaurant

Hanging Restaurant In The Air

Hanging Restaurant In The Air | (c) Photo By Dinner In The Sky

Having your meal at a restaurant hoisted up by a crane may sound insane and too adventurous but rest assured, as this is completely legal. Most importantly, it is safe as well. There is a professional crew behind the whole experience so you can enjoy your meal in the air. You will be literally strapped on to your chair like a baby as your safety is very important. The chairs look like racing car seats and are attached to the table together with a safety cable made of steel. The table, which weighs nine tons, is made from heavy-duty plastic on a metal.

Sky Dinner Experience at Dinner In The Sky

Sky Dinner Experience | (c) Photo By Dinner In The Sky

Although this is based in Belgium, this hanging restaurant can be driven to any destination in the world. This unique restaurant has already traveled to New York, London, Tokyo, Brussels, Paris and many other cities around the world. For £10,000 they can drive you all over Britain while hosting your own sky party. It could be a bit breezy depending on the location and weather but it would be an experience to remember. Quite a few corporations have used Dinner In The Sky hanging restaurant for dinner parties. Some individuals have used it even to watch live music concerts and game finals.

Hanging Restaurant By Sunset

Hanging Restaurant By Sunset | (c) Photo By Dinner In The Sky

If you are adventurous and can afford this kind of a dinning experience, this hanging restaurant is the perfect option for you. I suggest you try and taste not just the food but the whole dining experience. What’s more, having dinner in the sky takes away the boring dinner with four walls and kitchen conversations. So the next time you want to invite your good friends for dinner or for drinks, why not invite them to dine with you in the sky? Because sky is the limit these days. Would you consider having your dinner in the sky?

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  1. Never heard of this before — interesting! It’s really not the kind of thing for me. I don’t think I could get comfortable and I certainly couldn’t afford it. But…. if someone invited me, I’d probably do it once, just for the unique dining experience.
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