Summer Holidays: Do Mom’s Really Have a Holiday During The Summer?

When it’s time for summer holidays, it should be the time to put your feet up and leave the cooking and cleaning to someone else. This is what most Mom’s have in their minds. But sadly, it is not the case most of the time. Going on a summer holiday with kids can be more stressful than a day in the office. I am not a mother yet but I do see many mothers on their holidays. Trying to dress kids up, feed them and the look on those moms faces wishing she had some help.

Summer Holidays With Kids

Summer Holidays with your kids

Summer Holidays With Your Kids | (c) Photo By Holidays With Kids

A study of 2,000 moms by Teletext Holidays found that one in four believe getting their kids packed and ready for a sunshine break and keeping everyone happy is more tiring than dealing with heavy workloads in the office or entertaining children during a day at home. Victoria Sanders, Managing Director of Teletext Holidays said, “Traveling with children can be a huge strain so it’s not surprising so many moms come back from their annual summer break feeling that they need another holiday. Getting up early, preparing meals and tidying up after children doesn’t stop on holiday and that means some moms even admit they dread their summer beach break.”

However, do you know what smart moms can do to get some stress out while on summer holidays? Book holidays at a place where they have kid clubs, on-site entertainment and a maid service to make the break as stress-free as possible. One thing that moms should try to get away from doing is cleaning up their hotel room before the maid arrives because they don’t want them thinking they are messy. I think this is because moms being moms, even on holidays, don’t fully switch off “mom duties”. Hence they don’t find time to relax during a vacation. Choosing a family friendly resort can help to ease the strain. Also, consider all-inclusive holidays so that you don’t have to go near a supermarket or cooker. Many hotels and resorts now offer babysitting or an evening kids club so at least parents can go out for dinner on their own.

So the next time you are off to summer holidays with kids, remember to plan your trip so that it gives enough space for you to relax as well.

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