Why Choose Dubai For Your Next Holiday?

It’s not hard to see why Dubai has become such a popular holiday destination. A glittering oasis in the middle of the desert, the city has been undergoing a major construction boom for some years now, and ruler Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is ambitious to make it the number one tourist destination in the world. With summer temperatures reaching a scorching 42⁰C, autumn or spring are probably the best times for spending a great getaway in the Asian region as your holiday would be more enjoyable during these seasons. Dubai, among the other best destinations in the world, is truly a must-visit. You have to remember though that holiday here may not come cheap. However, by planning ahead and making sure your funds are enough for your travel, you can put money worries aside and enjoy your holiday in this fabulous city.

3 of The Best Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Dubai, your next holiday destination?

Dubai Night Skyline | (cc) Photo By .EVO. from UAE

1. Architecture

Dubai’s architecture is truly breath-taking. Whether you’re exploring the city or relaxing on beautiful Jumeirah Beach, the magnificent sight of opulent skyscrapers rising from the desert is all around you. The famous Burj Al Arab hotel, designed in the shape of a sail, is perhaps the most recognizable of Dubai’s landmarks and can be admired in all its glory from Jumeirah Beach. Meanwhile, downtown Dubai boasts the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa. If you dare, take a trip to the top for some spectacular views.

2. Shopping

Shopping is one of Dubai’s major attractions. There are many impressive malls, such as the Dubai Mall, which is the largest in the world and boasts an aquarium and ice rink among its charms as well as an almost overwhelming choice of shops. You can find just about every designer brand you can think of here, not to mention the world’s biggest sweet shop. Other notable malls include the Mall of the Emirates, which has its own indoor ski slope, and Ibn Battuta Mall, with its intricately-decorated Persia Court.

3. Authentic Dubai

It’s easy to get caught up in the extravagance and excitement of modern Dubai. However, taking an organized desert safari is a fantastic way to experience another side of the place. Try dune bashing (driving over the sand dunes in a 4×4) and camel riding before watching the sun set over the desert. The famous souks are also not to be missed, especially the gold souk and spice souk. Even if you’re just window shopping, the dazzling displays will delight your senses.

Dubai is a stunning destination, offering you the ultimate in luxury as well as a taste of old Arabia. A holiday here is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.

Contributed by Rose Cauilan

13 Responses to “Why Choose Dubai For Your Next Holiday?”

  1. Dubai really fascinates me and Keith. It’s definitely on our list. Would love to see its modern architecture as well as its authentic face. We’ll probably skip the shopping; it will be too dangerous:)

  2. I have had the idea of visiting Dubai floating around in the back of my head for some time now. Do you think that it’s a good destination for families? And how many days to think would be appropriate for a family trip?
    Lisa Goodmurphy recently posted..Exploring the Bay of Fundy at Hopewell RocksMy Profile

    • Salika Jay says:

      Dubai has quite a few attractions for families like the Wild Wadi Water Park, Atlantis Resort, Dubai Dolphin Bay, Desert Safari, Cruises and Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. As for the number of days, it depends on what you want to do. If you want to enjoy them all I’d say take a minimum of 5 days.

  3. Adam Ross says:

    I’ve never been to Dubai and i definitely wanna visit the place one day. Their unique infrastructures and buildings are just few of the things i’m curious of. How’s the weather there and how was the adjustments?
    Adam Ross recently posted..If you Could Travel Anywhere in the World, Where Would You Go?My Profile

    • Salika Jay says:

      Dubai has warm weather and sometimes can go over 40 degrees. However, all buildings are air conditioned. Early mornings and evenings is a good time to enjoy outdoors.

  4. Jarmo says:

    I’m definitely keen on visiting Dubai, would love to photograph it!
    Jarmo recently posted..Marvin Gaye, Chicken Curry and OstendMy Profile

  5. The world’s biggest sweet shop?! I’m in!! Dubai has long been on my list of places to see – it seems like Disneyland for adults!
    Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans recently posted..Vancouver: Hangin’ ‘Round ChinatownMy Profile

  6. Shalu Sharma says:

    Dubai is a great place to be on holiday. I have been there once just for a couple of days on my en route to India. Did some gold buying. Next time I want to check out the Burj Khalifa.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..The calm blue vastness of Tarkarli BeachMy Profile

  7. Spencer says:

    Can’t wait to get to Dubai. I hear so many great reports about it.
    Spencer recently posted..Mandarin Oriental New YorkMy Profile