Top 5 Luxury Shopping Destinations Around The World

Shopping on vacations can be one of the best ways to keep the trip going well. What’s more, cloths from your travels can bring wonderful memories of your vacation to your daily life. The part I love is making my friends envy by saying things like ‘Oh this? I picked it up from Italy‘ or ‘I got this at a great market in London. Shopping abroad can not only allow you to pick some great, unique items that is not available back home but is kind of a retail therapy. It offers the chance to buy essential and luxury items such as handbags, watches and jewelry to treat yourself. These luxury shopping destinations may empty your pocket but it will give you a hot outfit that no one else will have at that next party.

1. Causeway Bay Hong Kong, China

Luxury Shopping Destinations: Hong Kong at night over Causeway Bay

Hong Kong at night over Causeway Bay | (c) Photo By fotoLIBRA

Causeway Bay Hong Kong’s shopping scene is reported to be the second most expensive retail location in the world, behind only New York’s Fifth Avenue. Causeway bay has an array of boutique shops selling top-of-the-range clothing and electrical items from Japan, Europe and United States. There are over 200 shops on site that includes large department stores such as the 13-storey Japanese store Sogo and and indoor shopping complex Times Square. Other smaller shopping malls to note are World Trade Center, Windsor House, Fashion Island and Fashion Walk. Causeway Bay is one of the most crowded places in Hong Kong due to its shopping scene. Good thing that most shops are open well after midnight.

2. Grafton Street Dublin, Ireland

Luxury Shopping Destinations: Dublin's Grafton Street

Dublin's Grafton Street | (c) Photo By The Sociable

Grafton Street in Dublin is rich in urban charm and character and has lavish shops. Grafton Street is the smart shopping area with fashionable stores such as Brown Thomas. It is the department store that caters for many designer showcases both foreign and local. Dublin’s leading and most exclusive jewelers, Weirs is also on Grafton Street, as well as the most popular of the famous Bewley’s Cafés. What ever you are looking for, Grafton Street have it for you.

3. Bond Street London, England

Luxury Shopping Destinations: Louis Vuitton store at Bond Street

Louis Vuitton store at Bond Street | (c) Photo By Freshness

If you already love London you will love it more when you know that you can spend your London days and nights at Bond Street. Bond Street has been a major shopping ground for the rich and famous since the 18th century. There is everything from staggering, expensive and eye-catching jewellery to cutting-edge interior design. Once you are all shopped out, there are a few iconic hotels that are also based in Bond Street, like Dorchester Hotel London, The Ritz London and Claridge’s Hotel.

4. Champs Elysées Paris, France

Luxury Shopping Destinations: Champs Elysees at night time

Champs Elysees at night time | (c) Photo By ProjectVISUAL

Who says the city of love is only for lovers? At Champs Elysées it is so easy to get seduced just by walking past the stores. It is one of the most recognizable streets on the planet for shoppers. You can do everything from shop, eat and even catch a place for a good night sleep. A number of specialist watch makers, including Cartier, take pride of place in this prestigious Paris hotspot. What’s more, Champs Elysées is virtually in the shadow of Arc de Triomphe and other well-known attractions in Paris.

5. Fifth Avenue New York, USA

5th Avenue, New York

5th Avenue, New York | (c) Photo By UpTake

Last but not least, 5th Avenue in New York is a shopping paradise you could easily spend a fortune in no time. Have your pick from Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and many other designer stores. 5th Avenue is a prime spot for all the shopping lovers. There are countless legendary department stores like the famous Saks Shop. When you are done shopping, relax and unwind in one of the posh bars or go meet Yobot at Hotel Yotel New York.

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