Refreshing Fish Pedicures By Toothless Fish

Just when I think I’ve heard quite a few extraordinary things, I came across fish pedicures or fish foot massage. I’m sure that you would wonder what on earth is fish pedicures. Well, I was thinking the same when I first heard about it. In a nutshell, fish pedicures is a foot massage by small fish. Amazing, isn’t it? If you visit Bangkok, Thailand anytime soon, you can experience these fish pedicures at spas.

Fish Pedicures

Fish Pedicures By Fish That Eat Dead Skin

Fish Pedicures | (c) Photo By permanently scatterbrained

How Does Fish Pedicures Work?

How exactly is this food pedicures or fish foot massages work? Well, all you have to do is put your feet in a fish tank filled with toothless fish. These fish are between 1.5 to 2.5 inches long. Then they will nibble your feet to remove the dead skin cells off your feet. Basically these are toothless fish that eat dead skin. Luckily for the fish, you have to wash your feet before enjoying fish pedicures.

Does It Hurts?

Fish tanks at these fish pedicures spas are filled with salt water and are kept at room temperature with a florescent light on. Most importantly these fish that eat dead skin are toothless. So you don’t have to worry about them biting your toes off. It is said that fish foot massage does not hurt. It also does no harm to you or the fish. I’ve experienced something similar while keeping my feet in a tropical country river. It wasn’t one of these fish pedicures by the ‘pro’ fish and it was only ticklish. If you are still worried, don’t be. For the 15 minutes you get, these fish that eat dead skin will only scrape and exfoliate your dead skin cells off your feet.

Benefits of Fish Foot Massage

These fish are known to do a great job with a relaxing ‘massage’. People who have had the fish foot massage say it is nothing like they felt before and their skin felt extremely clean afterwards. Many go back to these fish pedicures spas as it is also known to help people with psoriasis and eczema.

What weird thing will they come up next? Fish facial maybe? Or does it exist already? Either way I think these fish pedicures will be good for travelers feet.

2 Responses to “Refreshing Fish Pedicures By Toothless Fish”

  1. Shamis says:

    I had a similar experience and it sure tickles. Good to know this works :)
    Shamis recently posted..Get A Refreshing Foot Massage By Toothless FishMy Profile

  2. Interesting, new way to get a massage. Nonetheless, it does really work. It might tickle a bit but you’ll get used to it.