Funny Signs Around The World

When we go on vacations, we get to see some funny signs. This happens a lot when we go to a foreign country whose primary language is not English. So, trying to say something in English could turn in to a camera moment as a funny sign. Then there are countries whose primary language is English and still write things wrong or in a way that makes them funny. Some could be marketing tricks and others has to be honest mistakes. Either way they won’t get past the cameras, especially the mobile phone camera lenses most of the time. Hence they end up as funny signs. Here are some of the weird and wacky signs from around the world for your viewing and laughing pleasure.

Funny Signs Around The World


Funny Signs: Notice Sign, Australia

If you notice this notice, you will notice that this notice is a funny notice!


Funny Signs: Modern Are Toilet Sign, Austria

Would you not just want to go and see how ‘modern’ this toilet is even if you don’t have to use it?


Funny Signs: Directions to countries, Brazil

Easy directions…only if traveling was this easy!


Funny Signs: Arrow Signs, Canada

Was confused and looked for the information center, now completely lost!


Funny Signs: Rain not allowed sign, China

Rain is not permitted here…period!


Funny Signs: Ham Sandwich Street, England

‘You live on what street?’ This is in a rural area of England

Funny Signs: Stairs Sign, England

Sign warning of stairs…thank goodness for that!


Funny Signs: Big Willy Sign, Germany

Toilet paper dispensary, who would have thought huh?


Funny Signs: Bathroom Instructions, Guatemla

Bathroom instructions, oh why thank you!


Funny Signs: No Gossip Sign, India

Do we ladies talk that much?


Funny Signs: Poison Protect Sheep Sign, Ireland

And poison protects the sheep how?


ABC Sign - Japan

Children can learn the new ‘ACB’ instead of ABC at this kindergarten!


Parking Sign - Mongolia

Sorry, where is the parking again?


Funny Signs: Driving Instruction Signs, USA

Really, who is drunk now?

If you have enjoyed these and have some of your own funny signs, share them here.

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