Galactic Suite Space Resort Scheduled To Launch In 2012

Are you tired of the same old tropical island gateways and martinis by the beach? Are you looking for something more exciting and truly out of this world? If so, you will be happy to hear about The Galactic Suite Space Resort. It is an awesome space resort that is scheduled to open in 2012. So you can finally reach the stars…literally this time! Sounds interesting? Then grab your $4.4 million lying around the house…under your pillow…in your jeans pocket etc. to book this amazing space resort. Yup, that’s what it will cost you for a 3-night stay at this first ever space resort.

The Galactic Suite Space Resort

Galactic Suite Space Resort

This $4.4 million price tag for the Galactic Suite Space Resort includes an 8-week training course on a tropical island. Now that is a deal, don’t you think? Oh wait, if you want to get up the Galactic Suite Space Resort, you got to hitch a ride with Virgin Galactic at a cost of $200,000. During these three “most expensive” nights, guests will be able to see the sun rise 15 times a day and travel around the world every 80 minutes. The fun beings when you get to wear the velcro suits and crawl around your room and stick yourself to the wall like the Spiderman.

As you read this, the construction is underway in New Mexico with the capability to hold four guests, two pilots and even a chef. So from where does the money come for this project, you may ask. It is from an anonymous billionaire space enthusiast who has granted $1.8 billion to finance this space project.

Who would really spend that much for a 3-night space adventure right? Well 200 people have expressed their interest and 43 people have already reserved it! I doubt I would be able to take that trip any time soon but if you can afford it, it will for sure be a chance of a lifetime. What are your thoughts on this soon to be launched Galactic Suite Space Resort?

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