Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride To The Space

What is the next best thing you can do than going to the moon? How about a hot air balloon ride to the sky and all the way into the space? As part of an ongoing effort on space tourism in the recent years, now you can do just that. Designed by Spanish entrepreneur Jose Lopez-Urdiales, the orbital device called ‘Bloon‘ will take people to space, 22 miles above the Earth, between the years 2013 and 2015.

Ride To The Space On A Hot Air Balloon

Bloon Hot Air Balloon

The Bloon will be able to soar 22 miles above the earth's surface (c) Photo By AOL

The state-of-the-art hot air balloon can hold four passengers and two pilots in a pressurized capsule. It takes one hour to reach space and land on earth. This is a ‘near space‘ adventure, which will cruise in the space for three hours. Don’t expect an astronaut experience, however it will be cruising in the upper atmosphere. That is three times higher than a standard cruising altitude of an airplane. At that altitude passengers will be able to see the curvature of earth, stars during the day, and sun which will look completely different. Passengers who will be taking the hot air balloon to space will be given a two-day safety training prior to the actual trip. It gets better, passengers will be served their favorite meal while on board as well.

A view from the Bloon

A view from the Bloon | (c) Photo By Solent News & Photo Agency

So far there have been five unmanned test flights, which have soared a height of 20 miles in to the sky. That is three times the height of an airplanes cruising height. While the country of take off is still not decided, Spain is the most likely candidate due to its good, predictable weather. The most important question is, how much will this cost? Well, taking a hot air balloon ride into the earth’s atmosphere is lot cheaper than going to the Galactic Suite Space Resort, of course. It will only cost around £90,000 per person. Not too bad, right?

Being at the ‘edge of the world’ is a graceful experience we would never forget. What better way is there to experience this than taking a hot air balloon ride in to the sky.

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    Now that’s one kind of travel that you’ll remember for a lifetime. It may cost a lot of money, but it’s definitely going to be worth every cent.
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