iPhone Translator App For World Travelers

Do you remember the times you needed an iPhone translator app to translate text that was in a different language? This happens to many travelers when they go to a foreign country. It could be either to read the menu or road signs. Whichever it is, an iPhone translator app is a must for every traveler with an iPhone. Good news for all the travelers or iPhone users is that mobile travel technologies has advanced since the first iPhone came out. But what if you can simply point your iPhone camera at those foreign language signs and see an instant translation? Well, that’s exactly what this iPhone translator app does.

iPhone Translator App For Travelers With iPhones

Word Lens iPhone Translator App

Word Lens Translation App For iPhone | (c) Photo By wikinoticia

Word Lens is the translation app for iPhone that does this amazing task. Wouldn’t you be much more happier as a traveler when you know what those road signs mean? I sure would be. To see this iPhone translator app in action, check out the below video.

At the moment this translation app for iPhone allows Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translations only. However, the app will eventually expand to become a universal translator. Word Lens does not recognize handwriting yet but everything is in printed format these days, which makes the need for handwritten recognition minimal. A bonus to this great iPhone translator app is that it works with a built-in dictionary. Therefore it does not need to connect to the internet to do the translations. This would sure save roaming charges while traveling in foreign countries.

Word Lens is available to download for FREE from the App Store. I say download it now before you have to pay for it as this translation app for iPhone sure is becoming popular. So what are you waiting for? Get this great iPhone translator app on your iPhone and start translating!

2 Responses to “iPhone Translator App For World Travelers”

  1. Shamis says:

    Hahaha…hope it will give at least an idea as to what the road sign says. I have to wait to try it out though as it only support Spanish to English at the moment.

    Let me know how it goes, and thanks for your comment Rod!
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  2. Rod says:

    I see this leading to lots of funny translation mishaps. :)

    Worth a try, though. Better having an idea of what it says than being completely clueless!

    Will be downloading this later today.