Happy Canada Day!

July 1st is the Canada Day. I sure am proud to be a Canadian and will be celebrating this day by wearing my red and white t-shirt. For those who might not know what this day is about, allow me to give you a quick scoop. Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st of every year. Canadians celebrate this day to commemorate the separation from British rule in 1868 and the creation of ‘Dominion of Canada.’ The basis of Canada’s celebration is founded on the formation of a new country and a union of provinces. In 1982 ‘Dominion of Canada Day’ changed to Canada Day.

Happy Canada Day!

Children Celebrating Canada Day At Parliament Hill

Children Celebrating Canada Day At Parliament Hill | (c) Photo By Amoeba

Canada Day in Modern Times

This day is about celebrating our country and what it offers. You will see celebrations everywhere you turn because the whole country celebrates it. In modern times Canada Day is commemorated with televised concerts on Parliament Hill. The list of celebrations starts from parades, flag waving, family picnics, fireworks, food and music.

List of Canada Day Events Across Canada

Vancouver Events

Toronto Events

Calgary Events

For other great events and celebrations across the country, check your local newspaper. It’s Your Nation, It’s Your Celebration! So what are your plans to celebrate Canada Day?

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