Holiday Remedies For The Broken Hearted

There are many things that inspire us to travel. Valentine’s Day, honeymoon, anniversaries and birthdays are the most common. However, there are other reasons too like relationship breakups. Believe it or not, being heart broken too has inspired people to travel. Especially the Hollywood celebrities who we hear quite often these days. A breakup is a sad time and traveling could be one of the best things to do to get away from it all. Here are some great travel therapies that could help mend your broken heart. I must say, these are almost worth getting dumped for :)

Holiday Remedies To Get Over A Broken Heart

Enjoy a Spa Gateaway after a breakup

Enjoy a Spa Gateway after a breakup | (c) Photo By MagForWomen

Meditation Therapy

If you are looking for a complete mental makeover, the only place you need to be is a mediation center. It might sound extreme but it will surely help. For example, try a Thai monastery in Thailand for a minimum of 10 days. Imagine yourself away from the busy city sounds, a place where your mind will be at peace. At the end, you will be revolutionized to a new person.

Ocean Therapy

Nothing takes your worries and problems away than being by the blue ocean. Take a dip and surround yourself with nature. A scenery that will definitely take your mind off things. Enroll yourself at the Berbere Surf Camp in Morocco. This would be the ideal place to take lessons from that (handsome) surfing instructor or have your drink served by a (cute) waitress.

Art Therapy

If you like to paint or simply love art, an art remedy to mend your broken heart is perfect. Pack your paintbrushes and head over to Barcelona where an art therapist will teach you how to paint your pain away. Art therapy can be an effective tool for heartaches and traumas. If art is not enough, you can always enjoy the sunny beaches and nightlife in Spain.

Photo Therapy

When you are in an emotional crisis, there is something else you need to focus on, and the perfect way is to grab your camera and head to the park. Perhaps take a week of learning the art of photography. London is a place where you can capture beautiful images through the lens of a camera, may it be a supermodel or a swan in the park.

Drink Therapy

OK when I say ‘drink’ I don’t mean drinking bottles of alcohol and have a hangover the next morning. This is not the way to get over a heartbreak. But if you want to enjoy and have some fun, hop on a plane and head out to New York. Sign yourself up at the Chelsea Brewery. Meet other singles who probably have come for the same reason as you are. Keyword here is being ‘single’.

Shopping Therapy

I know, who needs a heartbreak to go shopping right? But you know, when such a thing does happen, spending money on yourself is a good way to boost yourself up. Who knows you might just happen to have your ex’s credit card :) So why not head to Rome for a shopping spree? In Rome, you will be able to find those designer names and markets like Porta Portese and Campo de Fiori. To all the ladies – there will be dark handsome strangers that will be lining up to buy you a drink.

Spa Therapy

This is the perfect time to treat yourself on how your ex should have been treating you. Now take the time to book yourself at the Spalmaris Spa Resort on the Hvar Island. You will not get enough of being treated like a princess with a Mediterranean pedicure. This is the place where you can revolutionize yourself being single.

So if you ever find yourself in so called ‘Dumpsville’, don’t just sit around and mope on your sofa. Take some time off from work and be around new people and new environments. Being single could be one of the best things that could have happened to you. It is a new beginning and many destinations are waiting to welcome you.

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    Interesting post. I have never heard about some of these therapies. They sound pretty nice, though. It is probably nice to go on an Ocean therapy after been dumped.