Think Twice Before Grabbing Those Hotel Towels

The next time you think ‘hmm maybe I should take that super soft hotel towels’ before checking out the luxurious hotel you spent your holiday on, think again. Why? Because the hotels have started to implement technology advancements that make ‘souvenir taking’ a thing of the past. High tech is getting inside linen these days so you should be aware before taking hotel towels or linens as a ‘souvenir’.

Security Features Built-In To Hotel Towels

Hotel Towels

Hotel Towels | (c) Photo By Buisness Life

The company Linen Technology Tracking has come up with a way of adding miniature tags in expensive materials such as hotel towels and linen. These items cost a fortune for hotels to constantly replace, and now they are making sure these items stay put in hotel rooms than crawling into guests’ suitcases. Sometime back, the fluffy hotel towels and robes were a guests way of saving some cash at home or taking a memory home.

All the towels walking away from hotels will soon end as the company has come up with an ‘electronic leash‘ because more hotels are turning to new radio frequency chips to keep track of their inventory. The technology is called RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), a chip which can be installed into such things as towels and robes. Hotels use this technology to monitor the whereabouts of bathrobes, bed sheets, duvet covers, bathmats, towels and linens. It can monitor linen in and out of closets and by the beach. As a result, it enable hotels to manage thousands of their inventory and reduce linen shrinkage. What’s more, these traceable linen are bendable and washable too.

So if you are thinking about grabbing those fluffy hotel towels as a souvenirs, think again because you might just beep on your way out the hotel!

4 Responses to “Think Twice Before Grabbing Those Hotel Towels”

  1. Tod Seisser says:

    I cant imagine how shameful it is to check out to a hotel and suddenly there’s a beep. And the manager approach you,and said ” sir can you please leave our towel behind”. Gosh that’s quite frightening.
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  2. Adeline says:

    I can already imagine a lot of very sad tourists leaving their hotels because of this. :)
    Adeline recently posted..Philippines named ‘Honeymoon Destination of the Year’ by ChinaMy Profile