How Much Alcohol Should Airports And Flights Serve?

Most of us like a bit of alcohol at times maybe straight, on the rocks or as a great cocktail. This is why I buy some whiskey or vodka from the duty free shop when I travel, so I can treat the people I meet at my vacation destination. However when alcohol is served in airports and flights, some passengers tend to have a bit too much. I have personally seen people getting on to flights already drunk. It could be a nuisance to nearby passengers. At those times I just hope and pray the next glass of alcohol will make them fall asleep.

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Issues Caused By Drunk Passengers

Alcohol On Flight

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Passenger Disruption

According to the latest figures by the Civil Aviation Authority, nearly a quarter of the 3,529 incidents of passenger disruptions were attributed to people who arrived at the airplane drunk. Though this may not be a very high number, imagine yourself on a ten hour flight next to a drunk passenger. I’m sure passengers can wait until they get to their vacation destination to consume alcohol and have a great time.

Concerns For Passenger Safety

So much time and money is put into security these days to make sure our airports and flights are safe for travelers. Then there’s a drunken passenger who do something unknowingly, which cause a bruise to the nearby passenger. Though it may not be a huge threat, it could cause something severe if it is a kid or a senior citizen sitting next to this drunken passenger.

What Can Be Done?

I don’t think alcohol should be banned entirely at airports and flights. I’m sure passengers around the world need something to do when traveling alone but limiting it would be a better choice. Flights can limit the amount of alcohol being served or expand the time frame alcohol is being served. It could benefit everyone. After all, flights are for everyone to travel at peace.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Should alcohol be limited in airports and flights?

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