How To Be Fashionable When You Travel To Europe

Traveling To Europe anytime soon? OK stop, don’t just grab the cloths in your closet and pack. There is more to packing for Europe than you can imagine, grasshopper. Europeans have a classy way of presenting themselves. Look at James Bond for example. If not anything, he is smartly dressed be it a cocktail party or relaxing on the beach. Part of being a smart traveler is being smartly dressed. Of course there is no dress code but I think there are so called ‘unofficial rules‘ when it comes to choosing fashion in Europe. Here are tips to blend in, be fashionable and be comfortable on your next trip to Europe.

Travel Fashion For Europe

1. How To Travel Fashionably In Europe

European Fashion

European Fashion (c) Photo By Fibers

1.1 Pack Light

How many times have you packed suitcases that weigh more than you? I am sure many of you have experienced that once or twice. Personally, I’ve been there done that and learned my lesson. So I can’t emphasize enough to pack light when you travel. You will look rested and fashionable when you have just your hand luggage compared to three heavy suitcases to carry around Europe. Not to mention it is easy to travel when you pack light.

1.2 Dress Sharp

It pays to dress well whether you are traveling or meeting friends. And when it comes to Europeans, presentation has a high priority. I’ve heard some say ‘Europeans are cloth-conscious‘. Most of the time, cloths represent individual’s personality and social status. Cloths say out loud ‘This Is Me“. So dress well and sharp on your travels.

Tip: I’ve heard that Europeans judge you on your appearance and will react accordingly. Therefore, to secure a good room, good table or good service, dress as if you deserve it.

1.3 Be comfortable

Besides being comfortable while you travel, you should know that European weather is generally cooler, wetter and variable. When you are walking in and out of places such as restaurants, museums, stores, this will mean you will have to take off and on your coat. So always be ready for rain or shine and hot or cold. Therefore in addition to your toothbrush, carry a small umbrella, a hat and a windbreaker at all times.

2. How To Dress Fashionably In Europe

Fashion In The Streets Of Europe | (c) Photo by The BlogWhisper

If you ever think of the typical tourist outfit for Europe, I suggest you stay home. This so called tourist look is, wearing running or tennis shoes, worn out jeans, collared t-shirt, and ski jacket with a backpack. Try to avoid such clothing, if you want to be fashionable when traveling to Europe or for any other country for that matter.

Here are some clothing tips to be fashionable.

2.1 Go Like A Local

I am totally for being proud of the country you are from but when you travel, you are better off looking like a local than a tourist. The main reason is to avoid being a target of pickpockets, which is quite popular in Europe. So why not try a pair of black slip-on shoes, a wool or polyester slacks, turtleneck shirt, and a simple sports jacket? This simple wardrobe will get you through any door in Europe while keeping you comfortable rather than feeling like a walking billboard.

2.2 Wear Your Levi’s or Dockers

There probably isn’t anyone who haven’t heard of Levi’s jeans. Odds are you probably own few pairs. Levi’s jeans became a fashion in Europe in the 1990’s. Jeans are now acceptable in cafes and restaurants as well. But make sure you glamor it up with a top that is suitable. Alternatively you can wear a simple, comfortable and lightweight Dockers black slacks. While fashion changes from country to country a pair of Levi’s jeans or Dockers black slacks have become a universal fashion.

2.3 Leather It Up

Something I have noticed is that leather jackets are fairly popular in Europe, especially in Spain. In fact, leather is practical for Europe as it resists wind and water. Not to mention the good looks it gives to oneself. But be moderate and don’t dress like you are about to head off to Harley Davidson ride :) If you own leather cloths and haven’t used for a while, a Europe trip is the perfect excuse. Make sure to use some mink oil to keep your leather clean and waterproof.

2.4 Wear in Layers

Living in Canada sure helps to know how to wear in layers. Dressing in layers mean dressing cloths that can be added or removed individually without you having to change everything as the weather changes. Dressing in layers also mean that your cloths should compliment each layer. Dark, neutral and earth colors are suitable while not using too many light-color cloths.

2.5 Scarf Your Neck

You can never go wrong with a scarf when you travel. Besides being a fashionable accessory, it will keep your neck warm as well. A scarf is suitable to be in your suitcase, no matter where you travel. Not to mention the cold, dry air inside the airplanes can give you a chill and a scarf can help you keep all cozy. Keep in mind though, you should bring an appropriate scarf for the season and climate.

2.6 Shoes For Your Soles

When in Europe, you will notice all sorts of footwear – boots, clogs, heels, tennis shoes, joggers, sandals, army boots etc. Shoes are so popular that many people will ‘examine‘ your shoes before their eyes meet yours while walking down the street. Since appearance is important, make sure you wear good looking, durable pair of shoes. A pair of slip-on’s or a pair of Birkenstocks is what I suggest. Shoes with rubber soles will also survive when you are walking along the rain-soaked sidewalks in Europe. If you are like many travelers and prefer to wear tennis shoes, try the more stylish Comfortech Florsheim shoes, which are light-weight slip-on’s with cushion bottom.

2.7 Rain Gear

It is a good idea to carry an umbrella, especially if you travel to England. A telescoping umbrella can shield you from rain with fashion. You might also want to include a light hooded, light rain jacket for the drizzles, a pair of light leather gloves and a hat.

2.8 Beach Gear

If you have visited Europe before, you know the beach is all about Speedo swimwear. It is pretty much traditional swimwear for men although the younger generations wear the California style trunks. Women can be seen in one swimsuits or bikini’s as in North America. However, a significant amount of women leave the top half of their bikini at home.

3. Other Fashionable Travel Items to take to Europe

3.1 Home and Away Mini Steam Iron

Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron | (c) Photo By Amazon

3.2 Jessica Simpson Women’s Ruby Raincoat

Jessica Simpson Women's Ruby Raincoat

Jessica Simpson Women

3.3 Totes Titanium Auto-Open/Close Umbrella

Titanium Auto-Open/Close Umbrella

Titanium Auto-Open/Close Umbrella | (c) Photo by Polyvore

3.4 Birkenstock Bali Sandals

Birkenstock Bali Sandal

Birkenstock Bali Sandal | (c) Photo By Amazon

3.5 Vagabond Compact Styler/Hairdryer

Compact Styler

Compact Styler | (c) Photo By Amazon

Always remember that you travel to enjoy and relax, not to get stressed out. So make your trip to Europe hassle-free while looking like a fashionable traveler. Bon Voyage!

2 Responses to “How To Be Fashionable When You Travel To Europe”

  1. Julia says:

    “I am totally for being proud of the country you are from but when you travel, you are better off looking like a local than a tourist.” This, plus scarves, is the bext advice on this page. Thank you!

    • Shamis says:

      Glad you found this post useful Julia. I agree with you Julia, you should be proud of the country you are from. But when traveling to other parts of world, blending in is the key :)