How To Choose The Right Travel Companion

While traveling solo is a great experience, some trips are more enjoyable and cost effective when traveling with a travel companion. Choosing the right travel companion to share your trip is not an easy task though. What’s more, traveling with an incompatible travel buddy can really ruin your holiday too. The good news is that travel companions today can be of any age, gender, ethnicity etc. It is no longer inappropriate for a woman to travel with a man. It’s really what you decide to make of it. Here are some things you should consider when choosing a travel partner.

Find The Right Travel Companion

Travel Companion

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Agree on a Similar Budget

When you travel with someone, it is important to agree on a budget first because each of you may have different expectations of the trip. Furthermore, your budget affects pretty much everything you do from what sort of hotel you will stay in, where to get food from and what sort of food to eat, where you will visit, whether to use public transportation or rent-a-car service etc. Discuss and come to arrangements that will suit both of you prior to the trip because if you are miles apart on this topic, there will be troubles later.

Avoid A Neurotic Travel Companion

Do you know someone who is really neat and organized? Or someone who need to check everything at least ten times before departing from home, airport or hotel room? I must admit I fall on to the first category but not as extreme as Mr. Monk :) These traits may not be a big deal when at home. However, when it comes to traveling a neurotic travel companion may drive you insane. So make sure both of you know each others habits, both good and bad, so the two of you can enjoy the trip together.

Have Things in Common

When searching for a travel partner, you don’t have to look for your missing twin. However, there should be some common interests to match your personality and trip. For example, if you enjoy art galleries, hiking and trying new foods, it would be nice to find a travel buddy with similar interests. Having such common things will make your trip more enjoyable and fun for both.

Make Sure You Can Communicate

When you choose a travel companion, make sure you can communicate anything, both good and bad with each other. That way if a problem arise between the two of you, you can talk and come to an agreement instead of arguing and feel bad about the whole trip.

Road Test Your Travel Companion

Before committing to your travel companion, road testing them first is a good idea. Try to meet up and arrange an overnight excursion to someplace near home. By doing this you can get an idea if you are compatible with each other for a long term travel. Observe them carefully without mentioning the real deal. They would probably do the same so it’s good for both of you.

Traveling Experience

Some choose travel partners who are well experienced in traveling. It is in fact a good choice because it will allow you to have a solid base when you travel with someone. It will allow both of you to enjoy the trip and not waste any time trying to figure out what to do and where to go etc.

Sexual Involvement

When your travel companion is of the opposite sex, there may come a time where both of you would become emotionally attached. You have to consider how willing your travel partner is in engaging in a romantic relationship. This could be either during or after the trip. So make sure intentions are laid out on the table before you go on the trip with your travel buddy.

If you tackle all the considerations when choosing a travel companion, you will enjoy an amazing trip with him/her. What’s more, you can split lot of costs and benefit from each others travel knowledge and experience. If you are ready to start looking for travel companions, is a good place to start. It allows you to choose the best travel partner based on your considerations. Don’t forget to share any tips on choosing a travel companion on the comments section below.

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