How To Convince Parents That You Can Travel Alone

Being young and wanting to travel the world is exciting but do you get to travel alone? I have done traveling when I was younger but there was someone with me all the time. Deep inside though, I wanted to do it all by myself. I am sure there were plenty of reasons why my parents didn’t let me travel alone or with friends, though at 18 I thought I was all grown up :) Like most parents and guardians, the idea of you traveling without them raise a red flag. Even if it is a weekend trip to the next province. Being a girl makes it even harder. These tips could help you get their approval for your travels! I wish I knew these back then.

How To Persuade Parents That You Can Travel Solo

Solo Woman Traveler

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Put Things Into Perspective

To begin with, put what your parents think as dangers of traveling alone into perspective. Most young travelers, especially women, travel the world and come home without a scratch. To be frank, danger is everywhere, whether you are in your hometown or on a holiday destination. Therefore, if you can address your parents’ concerns about traveling alone, you have a better chance of getting their approval.

Planning Pays Well

It is important to convince your parents that you are a responsible person who they can trust to be safe while on the road alone. A great way to allay your parents’ fears is to show them a solid travel plan. Be as detailed as possible about your trip – where you will be, for how long and where you will go next. This way, your parents know that you are sensible and not just running off to catch the next flight to the Amazon.

Communication Is The Key

The world is getting smaller by the day thanks to advances of technology, especially communication technologies. Therefore, there is no excuse to carry a cell phone or buy a cheap cell phone from your holiday destination. You can agree on a time, depending on your itinerary to call or when they can call. In between those times you can let them know that you will text message them. Promising to stay in touch and keeping that promise will go beyond traveling alone. Not to mention it will ease their concerns too.

Pick Your Destination Wisely

There are so many exciting places to visit on earth but choose a destination that is popular and safe to travel. Pick your lodging at a place where there are plenty of other travelers and be sure to tell your parents about it. Give them the names and contact details of where you will be staying. It might feel a bit of a sacrifice to your freedom at first, but if it makes your parents worry less, it is worth it don’t you think?

There is no right way to convince your parents about traveling alone, but showing them that you are sensible, serious and committed is the way. Read about street smarts and safety travel tips, and do anything else that will help to ease their tension and concerns.

8 Responses to “How To Convince Parents That You Can Travel Alone”

  1. Julia says:

    The way I treat it is that if you can save the money for the trip, just plan it on your own. My mother, though not an adventurous traveler herself, respects that I take the initiative and know what I want. I think it helps her feel confident in my ability to take care of myself.
    Julia recently posted..New visitors and housekeepingMy Profile

    • Shamis says:

      Thank you Julia for your comment. I would have to agree with you. If you should your parents the initiative and you are responsible, than there is no need to convince your parents :)

  2. Shamis says:

    True, common sense is important but then again, at 15 or 16, some kids may not realize that. Thanks for the input Matt!
    Shamis recently posted..Travel Advice I Ignore On My TripsMy Profile

  3. Matt says:

    Good list and would like to say the no.1 reason things go wrong for people here in the Philippines is people doing stupid things. Common sense is the most important thing many people forget.
    Matt recently posted..The NoFollow rule in websites and how to find itMy Profile

  4. Shamis says:

    Now you can put these tips to test and see where it will take you :) Don’t forget to give us an update.
    Shamis recently posted..Travel Advice I Ignore On My TripsMy Profile

  5. coach charter darwin says:

    Great post. I really like these tips as I also want to travel alone but my parents are really scared.

  6. Shamis says:

    LOL…It’s the same for me now but back then it was the opposite :)
    Shamis recently posted..My Top 6 European Holiday DestinationsMy Profile

  7. Thank god I’m old enough to do whatever I want, lol.