Jack Tree Thai Restaurant Colombo, Sri Lanka

Jack Tree is one of the few unique and stylish authentic Thai restaurants in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Although the name suggest a Sri Lankan jack fruit tree, this Thai restaurant offers some tasty Thai food to fill your taste buds. I fulfilled my craving for authentic Thai food at Jack Tree several times when I visited Sri Lanka. The atmosphere is calm and quiet so I was able to enjoy both the food and time at Jack Tree Thai restaurant.

Colombo Restaurants: Jack Tree

Colombo Restaurants: Jack Tree

Jack Tree Thai Restaurant Dish: Chicken wrapped in Pandan Leaf | (c) Photo By FastOrder

Just by looking at the delicious food Jack Tree serves, one can easily tell that they really mean it when they say ‘Authentic Thai Food’. When you taste their food, it’s like you’re in ‘little’ Thailand in Sri Lanka. It’s a combination of spices and tradition in a plate to satisfy your taste buds. I have tried many dishes at Jack Tree but my favorite dishes were:

  • Satay Chicken
  • Red/Green/Yellow Curry with Chicken
  • Cuttle Fish with Chillies and
  • Eggplant with Tofu

Don’t miss the mouth-watering and delicious Coconut Ice Cream for dessert. It was my favorite out of their range of desserts. Once you taste Jack Tree desserts, I’m sure you won’t stop with just one dessert.

The prices range from LKR600 (US$5.40) to about LKR1,200 (USD10.80) a dish.

Lunch – 12:00pm to 3:00pm
Dinner – 7:00pm to 11:00pm

Jack Tree is one of the best Colombo restaurants for Thai cuisine. So, if you are in to Thai food and if you are in Sri Lanka, Jack Tree is the Thai restaurant for you. You can contact Jack Tree on 0115-747788 or 0777-424742.

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