Travel Photo: Jackfruit Tree

Many might be surprised to know what this is. Especially if you have not traveled to tropical countries. This is a jackfruit tree. You can find these trees in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Africa and The Philippines. The fruit can reach up to eighty pounds. The inside consists of large edible bulbs of yellow banana flavored flesh. On a single jackfruit there could be up 100 or more edible bulbs inside. When it is ripe, you can eat it as a tasty fruit. When it is unripe, you can cook it to compliment other dishes or make it the main course. Try it because I bet you won’t stop at eating a few!

Jackfruit Tree Travel Photo

Jackfruit Tree filled with jackfruit

Jackfruit Tree filled with jackfruit | (c) Photo By Salika Jayasinghe

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