Low Cost Hotel in London – £35 Per Night for a Room

Everyone wants an affordable but nice hotel in London when traveling. When you say London, we picture some of the most expensive hotels in the world. Well not this  hotel in London. Tune Hotel in a new hotel in  London that is scheduled to be opened end of this month. It offers a Standard Room for £35 a night. A good price for a hotel in London. Tune Hotel, however, is somewhat different when it comes to regular hotels. Their plan is to make profits from small fees for things like towels and luggage storage. So the difference compared to a regular hotel in London is this is more like an airline flight pricing incorporated to the hotel rooms, which means it charges for everything from towels to room cleaning.

Low Cost Hotel In London

Low Cost Hotel In London | (c) Photo By Travel Guide London

How many people would go for such a service would be a question. For instance if I book a hotel in London, I would expect the hotel in London to take care of such things for the price I pay so I could enjoy a relaxing holiday. On the flip side, if someone is just visiting London for a short period for an event like a business meeting, this would be ideal. This could also attract budget travelers to London.

Tune Hotel plans to roll out a further 15 hotels across England’s capital by 2017. This will represent a £150 million investment in the London’s hospitality.

The company’s Chief Executive Mark Lankester says: “It’s all about choice. We say consumers should assemble the experience as they see fit. We aim to provide whatever suits the customer in terms of timing, price and the comfort people require. If you want to stay in a five-star hotel there are plenty of them in London. But if you are worried about price then we are going to be relevant”.

Need I say more? Book your budget hotel in London now!

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