Natewa Bay Dolphins In Fiji

Imagine being in a small boat, on the largest deep water bay in the South Pacific ~ Natewa Bay ~ on the Fijian island of Vanua Levu. There are NO other boats to be seen and the bay is like glass. About 20 minutes away from Lomalagi Resort there are two large pods of Spinner Dolphins – and they don’t migrate!

Natewa Bay Dolphins In Fiji

Dolphins At The Natewa Bay, Fiji

Dolphins At The Natewa Bay, Fiji | (c) Photo By Jef Verkerk

Sam, our guide will take you out to see them.  They’re completely wild and we do not feed them.  We’ve been told that they’re the only resident Dolphin pods in Fiji.  There are 40-50 in each pod, and a couple of times during the year, there’ll be babies with them too!  We don’t recommend trying to swim with them – they’re too shy and will scatter.

Sam The Tour Guide

Sam The Tour Guide | (c) Photo By Mika Leuck

Spinner Dolphins are about a meter in length – smaller than their cousins, the Bottlenose – but they have the same great smiles.  When the boat approaches the area where they’re found, Sam will “call” them – it sounds like a conch shell being blown ~ and, more than 90% of the time, they’ll come when he calls!  They’ll play with the boat, spinning and jumping for you.

Nukubalavu Beach

Nukubalavu Beach

If you’d like, the trip will also include fishing (except on Sundays) and/or remote snorkeling on one of the many pristine coral mantles in the bay. It’s like being inside a giant fish tank!  The clarity of the water is amazing.  If Sam finds a Giant Clam, he’ll serve it to you, sashimi style.  He’ll also point out many of the gorgeous Fijian fish and other sea life. Full snorkel gear is provided for you at no cost…novice snorkelers may want to use flotation jackets so you can really concentrate on all the sights.  Sam will also point out the nearby beautiful ¾ mile long private white sand beach – it’s a great Robinson Crusoe trip, via kayak.

Collin McKennyAbout The Author

Collin McKenny is the owner of Lomalagi Resort who built the property on Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island (it’s near Savusavu) as her “Escape from Corporate America”. The resort name ~Lomalagi~ means HEAVEN in the Fijian language! View her blog to see more information about her and the project.

2 Responses to “Natewa Bay Dolphins In Fiji”

  1. Collin McKenny says:

    Dolphins migrate through our Fiji waters all the time so it’s hit-or-miss to see them. The Natewa Bay dolphins are unique because they DON’T migrate! They must like it here. We never see “nasty” sharks in the bay either ~ just reef sharks. The dolphins keep those others away….

  2. I spent lots of time in Fiji but never saw a dolphin. Lost here near Melbourne though.