Brand New Roller Coasters For Summer 2012

Most of us love to feel some excitement in one way or another, especially the younger crowd. Amusement parks is one option to get this excitement. Who can be just calm when riding a roller coaster anyway, right? Amusement parks know this too and lucky for us, they are already busy thinking and working on new roller coasters for summer 2012. You can expect not just new roller coaster rides but improvements to existing ones as well. So don’t let the off season get you down. It won’t be long until you are screaming your heart out on a new roller coaster!

Roller Coasters for Summer 2012

Roller Coasters For Summer 2012

Roller Coaster | Photo By Destination Theme Park

Leviathan Roller Coaster – Canada’s Wonderland, Canada

Canada’s Wonderland is one of the best theme parks in Canada that is full of fun! When 2012 summer comes, things will get better for fans of roller coasters. Leviathan will make its debut in May 2012, and will be the 16th roller coaster in the park. It is an estimate $28 million ride, which will feature an 80 degree initial drop, bunch of twists & turns, and the ride will last for over three and a half minutes. Leviathan roller coaster will rise over 300 feet and expected to hit speeds over 148km/h!

Goliath Roller Coaster – Six Flags New England, USA

Six Flags will debut its 11th roller coaster in late Spring of 2012 called Goliath. It will be a large inverted shuttle coaster, where the fans will be able to ride the coaster in 1204 foot steel track both forward and backward. It will also feature a vertical 18-story drop and 102-foot-high vertical loop. Goliath is designed to reach speeds of 65 miles per hour. So it will deliver pure adrenaline from start to finish, leaving you wondering which way is up!

Manta Roller Coaster – Sea World San Diego, USA

Sea World San Diego will be unveiling its new roller coaster Manta in 2012. The ride will start in a tunnel with huge high projection screens. After experiencing larger than life images, it will send you rocketing down a track. This ride unlike others, will stay close and below the ground. It will have a height of 30 feet, a drop of 54 feet (as it drops below the ground), and a relatively gentle top speed of 46mph. Manta roller coaster is not very extreme so the whole family can enjoy it. However, it will still thrill your pants off!

Skyrush Roller Coaster – Hersheypark, USA

Hersheypark has always something new, and when summer 2012 comes around, you will be introduced to the Skyrush. Planned to open in May 2012, the Skyrush cost is a projected $25 million. It is designed to rise above the ground at 200 feet. Plans includes to have a vertical 85 degree first drop along with four crazy turns and five hills while you are reaching speeds of 75mph. The best part is, it will feature both floored and floorless seats! It will give fans a weightless sensation to the limits, so if you are a thrill junkie, get ready for the Skyrush in summer 2012!

The longest, fastest, tallest and most thrilling roller coaster rides are coming your way in summer 2012. So get ready to experience these thrilling new rides!

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