Visit Ottawa In Ontario, Canada

Ottawa is the Capital city of Canada and the second largest city in the province of Ontario. Ottawa is a city filled with history and friendly people. The Capital has not always been the beautiful city it is becoming today. It started as a military building site, then a prosperous lumber town, and then the City of Ottawa was suddenly given the top rank among Canadian cities by royal edict. Now it has become the cultural showcase for the nation!

Canada Capital Ottawa

 Rideau Canal, Ottawa

Rideau Canal, Ottawa | (c) Photo By djibnet

Ottawa is the home of the Canadian Parliament where all the official ‘stuff’ happens. Parliament is the heart of Canada’s democratic system. Canadian representatives meet on Parliament Hill to make laws that shape the country’s future that affect the lives of every citizen. Tourists are given the chance to go see a section of this building and a history lesson as well.

Rideau Canal in Ottawa is another attraction you should not miss. This canal becomes the world’s largest skating rink every winter! Romantic strolls, exciting outings for children and a festive atmosphere is on offer. Grab your skates and get ready for an unforgettable experience! A great thing about a place like this is, the season doesn’t really matter. Spring, Summer or Winter there is always something you can enjoy in Rideau Canal.

Enjoy a stroll in a park? Great! Ottawa has many beautiful parks that you can enjoy outdoors and nature. These parks offer a safe pathways with majestic views of the waterways. Nature lovers, this is for you!

When it comes to food…you MUST try the bread and bakery. I know it sounds crazy but I’ve been to many places and never have had bread as soft and tasty as this in my life. I am not sure what the secret is but you can just eat away! You don’t need to go to a fancy bakery for this. Just a local shop can give you a treat!

Have a hankering to get out and experience the wilderness? Consider Canada’s Capital Ottawa and its surrounding areas for your next vacation!

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