Padlocks of Love In Paris

Paris – the most romantic city of the world where lovers dream of going. From the lucky ones who made it to Paris, how many of you brought back lasting memories? I’m sure everyone captured memories as pictures, some probably got tattoos that mention their lover’s name or initials, and others might have bought matching t-shirts from boutique shops. However, did you ever think of leaving a memory in Paris to see next time you visit there with your lover? Well you can do just that now!

Love Padlocks In Paris

Love Padlocks In Paris

Love Padlocks In Paris | (cc) Photo By Stacey Snacks

For years love struck couples have been fastening padlocks to the railing on Pont des Arts. They engrave padlocks with their initials, add a few sentimental words and toss the key into Seine river below to symbolize their eternal love. These ‘love padlocks’ come in all shapes, sizes and styles from sparkling colors and rusty clunkers which all bear love. Now if that does not make you go awww, I don’t know what will.

Love Padlocks In Paris

Love Lock In Paris | (cc) Photo By Abigail King

One thing you should know about Paris is, it’s very strict on preserving this 19th century bridge’s structure. As such the padlocks eventually vanishes at unspecified times! But the padlock tradition continues on… after all, Paris really is the city of romance.

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