Tattoo Ideas For Travelers

Looking for some travel tattoo ideas for the New Year? If you consider yourself a life long travel enthusiast because your passport is full of stamps, the next best thing is to get a tattoo related to travel. That will surely take you to the next level in travel. You can’t possible consider yourself a true traveler unless you have a travel tattoo ;) Not really but if you’re a traveler who loves tattoos, you should get one because nothing says ‘I’m a travel addict‘ like a tattoo of a map or an airplane onto your calf. However you need to take the time to go through some great travel tattoo ideas.

Travel Tattoo Ideas

Compass Tattoo

Tattoo Ideas: Travel Compass

Compass Tattoo | (c) Photo By Dainty Little Things

Pirate Ship Tattoo

The Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship Tattoo | (c) Photo By Dainty Little Things

Sailboat Tattoo

The Sailboat Tattoo

Sailboat Tattoo | (c) Photo By The Styling Dutchman

Footprints Tattoo

Footprints Tattoo

Footprints Tattoo | (c) Photo By TREKEARTH

Airplane Tattoo

Airplane Tattoo

Airplane Tattoo | (c) Photo By F Yeah Tattoos

World Map Tattoo

World Map Tattoo

World Map Tattoo | (c) Photo By Drops of Jupiter

Foreign Language Tattoo

Foreign Language Tattoo

Foreign Language Tattoo | (c) Photo By Flavors of Japan

Tattoos are not uncommon these days. Lot of young travelers have at least one. Some tattoo ideas are to remember a great travel destination or in honor of a great attraction. Which ever is the case, a travel tattoo would certainly scream that you are a travel addict. Like what you see? Don’t forget to share them.

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  1. Adeline says:

    Nice tats, Shamis! I absolutely love the foreign language tattoo idea. Seeing these just make me want to get one. Thanks for sharing this.
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