Ping Pong Paddle Shaped Hotel In China

I enjoy staying in hotels, especially when the hotels are unique and offer unbeatable specials. At present, creativity in hotel industry is rising as it goes parallel with the tourism industry around the world. I often search for hotels that offer something special, something I will remember, be it the uniqueness of the hotel, service, food or anything else. The Radisson Blu in Frankfurt, Germany and Club Villa in Bentota, Sri Lanka are two such hotels. The ping pong paddle shaped hotel in China will be the latest addition to my collection of unique hotels of the world.

Ping Pong Paddle Hotel China

Ping Pong Paddle Shaped Hotel in China

Ping Pong Paddle Shaped Hotel in China | (c) Photo By Luxuary Launches

As the name suggest, this Chinese hotel has got its design inspiration from the game of ping pong. Come to think of it, I am fascinated with how the players of China play table tennis and give that ping pong ball a spin. Designers have announced that this hotel will take the shape of an upside down paddle. It will be worth roughly US$ 46 million.

This ping pong paddle shaped hotel in China will feature three parts. The top part, which will look like the handle of a table tennis paddle will be designed for sight seeing. The middle will house all the guest rooms and the bottom of the hotel will be used for conference facilities. It will feature round windows for the guest rooms so it will look like the top part of a table tennis racket.

Olympic Park Sports Complex in Huainan City, China

Olympic Park Sports Complex in Huainan City, China | Photo By DOTW News

This unique hotel in China will be located and built in a planned Olympic park as part of a sports complex in Huainan city of East China’s Anhui province. The estimated investment is 300 million Yuan and it will span across 67 hectares. Four other buildings are proposed to be built in the park as well. They are:

  • An American Football-shaped main stadium
  • A Volleyball-shaped natatorium
  • A Soccer ball-shaped gym stadium
  • A Basketball-shaped stadium

The overall investment of the park is said to reach 1.8 billion Yuan!

China Sports Industry Group has agreed with The Sports Bureau to host various sport games in the stadiums, once the construction is completed. This will surely be a good addition for tourists and sports fans alike.

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