Restaurants In San Francisco CA

Restaurants in San Francisco CA is ever evolving, and the restaurant scene has ensured its stay on the map for food loving travelers, both locals and visitors. With many restaurants in San Francisco, culinary world has extended beyond light fixtures and a bit of fancy sauces on the dishes. These cutting edge culinary restaurants in San Francisco are the ‘hot foodie restaurants‘ in California, which you need to step into and have a taste, if you are visiting or even if you live there and looking for a few great places to dine.

Top Restaurants In San Francisco, California

Italian Restaurants In San Francisco CA

Italian Restaurants In San Francisco, California - Cotogna

Italian Restaurants In San Francisco CA - Cotogna | (c) Photo By Inside Scoop SF

Cotogna Italian Restaurant

Cotogna offers very artful Italian cuisine for your palate, which is affordable among other restaurants in San Francisco CA. The place has more rustic vibe and California inspired menu. The menu is unbelievable that has some Italians visiting the place scratching their heads as if they are back in Italy. The pastas are a specialty here, but don’t skip the pork if it’s on the menu. Try the simple but divine Raviolo di Ricotta, made with farm-fresh eggs and brown butter. Cotogna is one of those restaurants in San Francisco CA that you have to visit if you are an Italian food fan.

Delfina Italian Restaurant

Opened in 1998, Delfina brought an artisanal approach to the table, curing it’s own meats and hand making its pastas – which makes it one of the best San Francisco restaurants. The uncomplicated dishes: such as a simple grilled calamari with warm white bean salad; a plain but wonderful spaghetti with plum tomatoes, garlic, extra-virgin olive oil and pepperoni; a delicate halibut with melted leeks and robust squab with a giblet crostino and Garnet cherries in Nebbiolo. Let the exceptional ingredients speak for themselves once you are inside Delfina – one of the finest restaurants in San Francisco CA.

Ducca Italian Restaurant

Ducca is located in The Westin St. Francis Hotel that is aimed at the swanky downtown crowd but feels more like Italy inside on its sunny outdoor terrace. It’s also one of the best Italian restaurants in San Fransisco CA. The menu is mainly Venetian, and diners can watch the cooks prepare rustic cicchetti snacks (fried anchovies, salt cod crostini, fried olives stuffed with sweet gorgonzola) at a 12-foot marble bar. You won’t be able to find this experience anywhere else in any of the other restaurants in San Francisco CA. The list continues with a fluffy souffle lobster, pasta e fagioli soup and veal chop Milanese. This is one of those restaurants in SF, California that you cannot pass by and not want to eat.

Mexican Restaurants In San Francisco CA

Mexican Restaurants In San Francisco, California - Colibri

Mexican Restaurants In San Francisco CA - Colibri | (c) Photo Jamiey

Colibri Mexican Restaurant

Colibri is one of those restaurants in San Francisco CA to take someone if you want to impress. Colibri serves terrific Mexican dishes. It’s a bistro, which serves it’s food tapas style so you get a taste of many different things on the menu without stretching your stomach. Featuring live music on Wednesdays and tequila tastings twice a month, this spot brings upscale to Mexican dining in the city.

Papalote Mexican Grill

Vegetarians and other generally health conscious eaters tend to look Papalote Mexican Grill for a bite. This Grill believes that ingredients should be applied as much as needed to get that perfect taste – now what other restaurants in San Francisco CA does that eh? This San Francisco Mexican restaurant makes lean meat dishes fresh to order. They also offers more in the way of vegetarian dishes than what can usually be expected from any other  restaurants in San Francisco CA.

Tres Mexican Restaurant

Tres is known for the best margaritas in town. But don’t let that be the only reason to visit. Whether you’re with a large group of friends or just flying solo at the bar or craving Mexican food, Tres offers tasty Mexican food in a fun and animated environment. The bar is equipped with several flat-screen TVs, so you’ll surely know when the World Series Champions hit a home run. If you’re in a more subdued mood, an art gallery lies tucked away in the back. Tres is one of those restaurants in San Francisco CA that’s great for parties and even better for singles to go and dine Mexican food.

Chinese Restaurants In San Francisco CA

Chinese Restaurants In San Francisco CA - Benu

Chinese Restaurants In San Francisco CA - Benu | (c) Photo By CENTURION Magazine

Benu Chinese Restaurant

Benu is all about Asian inspired food and one of the preeminent restaurants in San Francisco. Since it has opened in 2010, it has great fanfare. Despite the huge expectations and prices: it’s already earned two Michelin stars and made its way into practically every discussion of the country’s best Chinese inspired restaurants. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can experience a tasting menu for $180, which lets you sample things like sea cucumbers and black truffle. Benu’s faux shark fin soup has also registered as a favorite on the palettes of some of the top chefs of the world.

Fang Chinese Restaurant

Fang is located in the heart of the bustling SOMA area. Fang is a Chinese restaurant with the interior of a hip and happening place, which you probably don’t expect in Chinese restaurants. Fang offers authentic Chinese food in San Francisco. The menu is simple and portions are filling. Try Kung Pao Chicken and Spicy Shrimp, which are the stars on their menu. The lightly fried mushroom and spicy eggplant are classic vegetarian dishes. Fang is the perfect place to take SF visitors, business clients and foodies alike.

Utopia Cafe

Utopia is one of the best kept secret Chinese restaurants in San Francisco CA. Utopia Cafe is located in the heart of Chinatown, and offers authentic, home-cooked, Hong Kong-style cuisine. Utopia specializes in clay pots, but the menu is interestingly diverse. Fresh calamari, fried tofu, pepper chicken wings, and wonton soup are all menu highlights. Utopia uses only the fresh seasonal ingredients, and dishes are prepared using very little oil. So this is the perfect Chinese restaurant in San Francisco for the healthy conscious diners.

Indian Restaurants In San Francisco CA

Indian Restaurants In San Francisco CA - Mehfil

Indian Restaurants In San Francisco CA - Mehfil | (c) Photo By SFGate

Mehfil Indian Cuisine

If you are looking for spicy Indian restaurants in San Francisco CA, head out to Mehfil Indian Cuisine. This Indian restaurant serves authentic Indian food, prepared from the finest ingredients. It’s also reasonably priced. This is one of those restaurants in San Francisco CA that may not look Indian inspired, but the food speaks volumes, with delicious selections such as Punjabi Channa Paneer or a local favorite – butter naan. The servers are also willing to create customized dishes according to your tastes. Where else would you get such service in Indian restaurants in San Francisco CA?

Dosa Indian Restaurant

Dosa is a modern twist on traditional Indian cuisine and one of the most popular Indian restaurants in San Francisco CA.  Dosa offers top quality Indian dishes in a modern setting. The restaurant has a warm, inviting feel with wooden tables and red tones decorating the interior of this hip restaurant. Dosa is a great ‘starter’ for Indian food newbies who are looking for simple Indian restaurants in San Francisco CA. It’s decently priced, and the food does not falter here. Make sure to try their Chennai chicken if you visit.

Chutney Indian Restaurant

Chutney restaurant is reminiscent of an Indian diner that you can only experience at such Indian restaurants in San Francisco CA. The food is delicious with soft, buttery naan that makes your mouth water and wanting more. Service is quick, and Chutney is a great place to pick up last minute Indian cuisine before turning in for the night. Chutney does get busy during late night hours though, so arrive early and enjoy. Don’t forget the Chai tea either. It’s free with any meal you order.

With so much variety in cuisines, restaurants in San Francisco CA never tasted so delicious.

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