Strange Items Left Behind At Hotel Rooms

Many of us who travel probably have left behind an umbrella, souvenir or a scarf at the hotel room. Many of us don’t even realize it until the next time we want it. Most of the time these are just minor things we can live without. However, you would be surprised to know that some people leave behind strange items such as false teeth, weird costumes, toys and even briefcase full of cash. Here is a collection of items that were left behind in hotel rooms. Hope your forgotten item is not on the list.

Strange Items Left Behind At Hotel Rooms By Guests

Lost Property

Lost Property | (c) Photo By motella

French Maid Costume

At the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in USA, a hotel cleaning staff had found a French maid costume left behind in the hotel room closet. It was hanging in the closet perfectly and later found out that it was used for a costume party. What a coincidence a hotel maid finding a maids costume!

Marriage License

A staff member at Hyatt Regency Hotel Columbus USA had found a marriage license left behind in on of their hotel rooms. The couple probably was in a hurry that they left such an important document in the hotel room. Hope they did not leave their wedding rings behind somewhere else.

Christmas Presents

A family had decided to spend Christmas holiday away from home, and  play Santa  for their kids. They have taken all the presents on their holiday and had hid them under their hotel room bed.  On Christmas Eve there had been a family emergency and the family had flown back home in a hurry – leaving their presents behind. The hotel could not ship the presents in time for the family but one staff member had volunteered to drive eight hours to the family’s home to deliver the presents. Now that is Christmas spirit!

A Love Letter

Meurice Hotel Paris is a place where love is in the air! Le Meurice Hotel staff had discovered a forgotten sentimental love note and a bottle of perfume in one of the guest rooms. The perfume appropriately called Amor Amor by Cacharel’s, though the guest probably was not into the love note or the perfume because it was left behind.

Gun and Ammunition

A housekeeper’s best task would be to find very interesting items in guest rooms. One such item found at Red Pump Inn in England was a gun and ammunition. This probably was was used for hunting purposes but you never know. Surprisingly the hotel was able to return the gun and ammunition to the owner who pretty much said thanks!


Holidays are great and sometimes you just do not want to carry those heavy luggage around while traveling. So why not just leave it behind? That is exactly what this family had done while on their holiday at Adara Hotel in Canada. The family of four had decided midway that they wanted to go to Las Vegas and left – without taking any of their luggage. When the hotel contacted the guests, they had simply told the hotel to donate everything to the local charity.

A Horse

It is no joke and it was no toy horse either but a real horse left behind in a hotel room in Worcestershire, UK. Not sure how the person got the horse passed hotel personnel into the hotel room in the first place but they have done it somehow. It was no ordinary horse either. It was a  showjumping horse.

As you can see some hotel guests leave behind more than just a souvenir or a cell phone charger. The fun starts when the hotel staff finds the items. Have you left anything behind in your hotel room while on holiday? Share with us below.

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  1. Shamis says:

    LOL…I still wonder how they drag one in to a hotel room in the first place :D
    Shamis recently posted..Photos of Sinhalese &amp Tamil New Year In Sri LankaMy Profile

  2. I’ve found old DVDs and stuff before, but a horse?! Really?! Wow. You think you would notice if you didn’t have it with you.
    Chelsea@Destin vacation rentals recently posted..Destiny by the Sea Destin FL Vacation HomesMy Profile

  3. Shamis says:

    Thanks for your comment. I found the horse in the hotel room to be the craziest of all :)
    Shamis recently posted..Cell Phone Usage Could Bring Down An Air PlaneMy Profile

  4. These are really strange items that are left in the hotel! I was amazed horse was left in the room. Some other stuff caught my attention too – a love letter and a marriage license.