Summer Is Over But Here Comes Oktoberfest

Summer maybe over for many of us but the fun is far from over. Here comes the famous Oktoberfest! So put on your party hats and get the party started. Oktoberfest is a festival held each year in Munich, Bavaria in Germany. It’s one of the most famous events and the worlds’ largest Volkfest (People’s Fair). It is so big that over six million people attend this annual event in Munich alone. Oktoberfest has become so popular that other cities across the world also holds Oktoberfest celebrations. All festivities are accompanied by a rich and spectacular program of events for the enjoyment and excitement of visitors of all ages. There is no doubt that if you are at one of these festivals, anywhere in the world, you will enjoy the food, shows, souvenir stands, costumed parades, fun fairs and most importantly…beer. Yes, it’s the simple truth and we all know it.

Get Ready For Oktoberfest

Munich Beer Festival | (c) Photo by Travelmonkey

When is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest runs for two weeks every year starting late September and ending early October. In Munich it ends on 4th October this time (2 more days left, if you are vacationing in Germany). However other cities around the world run it longer so be sure to check the dates in each country/city before you head out.

Where To Be On Oktoberfest?

The place to be is Munich to get the total experience of Oktoberfest. However, there are other cities around the world that you can experience this popular festival. Here is a list of few cities:

Oktoberfest celebrates its 200th birthday in 2010, and pretty much the whole world celebrates it. What would you be doing for Oktoberfest?

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