Fun & Cool Pop Up Tents

Cool Tents

Spending time in the great outdoors is a great thing and having great pop up tents will double the fun. What’s more, you can surely impress other campers. A quick look around the web will show you pop up tents but I am sure the ones you are about to see will […]

Facts About The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall of China-Feature

The Great Wall of China has been in the list of Seven Wonders of the world. It’s a masterpiece of great architecture, which is located in China. Not to mention China has other architectural wonders too such as Lord Buddha statues. Although the visibility from space might be a myth, the Great […]

Signs You Are A Travel Addict

Affirmations of a travel addict

Some of us just love to travel the world. Learning about new cultures, seeing amazing places etc. are the best thing for us. However, how do you know whether your passion is verging into an addiction? If you have the travel bug, you may find yourself thinking about distant places all the […]

Vacation Stories

Best Vacation Stories

As I was looking outside my window earlier today, thoughts of different vacation stories and destinations I would like to visit came to my mind. At that very moment I had the desire to get on an air plane and fly to a destination I would like. Along with that, I was […]

Things I Learned Being A Canadian Living Abroad


I have come across many websites that talk about foreign nationals living abroad. They are not necessarily travelers and one doesn’t have to be a traveler to  be living abroad. These individuals share their experiences, adventures, emotions and how wonderful the experience that have been for them. For some, it is to […]