Signs You Are A Travel Addict

Some of us just love to travel the world. Learning about new cultures, seeing amazing places etc. are the best thing for us. However, how do you know whether your passion is verging into an addiction? If you have the travel bug, you may find yourself thinking about distant places all the time. If you do that, chances are you are a travel addict. I know I am :) Good thing about this addiction is, you don’t really have to cure it. On the flip side, once the travel bug infects you, there is no going back; you are a traveler for life! Check out these 21 symptoms and see whether you are a travel addict or not.

Symptoms of Travel Addiction

Addicted To Travel

Addicted To Travel | (c) Photo By Johnexley Online

  • You have spent more time on the road than in your home
  • You keep lonely planet on the same shelf where you keep the Bible
  • You know bus and rail routes of another city by heart
  • You think that a Visa is not a big deal
  • Your passport smells of exotic foods
  • You still think postcards and letters are still cool
  • You couch-surf, in your own city sometimes
  • You pick up something from your room and it reminds you of a crazy trip you’ve had
  • You try to speak a new language and think you can still bargain with people
  • You have already planned your next trip before ending the one you are on
  • You are dreaming of a vacation while in a boardroom presentation
  • Your tag-along children know how to say “thank you” in 18 languages
  • You can fall asleep easily on airport floors
  • You take toilet paper everywhere you go out of habit
  • You keep a packed suitcase handy
  • You run multiple travel websites
  • You spend two hours each day reading travel blogs and travel websites
  • Some people cry when they leave home. You cry when you have to go back
  • Staying in the same place for more than one week makes you fidgety
  • You get a new passport because yours is full, not expire

Last but not least…

  • You have a travel blog, and after you’re done reading this, you write your own version of travel addiction

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