Perfect Travel Bras For Ladies Who Travel

Choosing the perfect travel bra is not always an easy task. When we are about to go on a vacation, among packing the shorts and t-shirts, the question of what to do about our women’s underwear does come to minds. What’s more, when we travel with our under-wire bras on, we set off metal detectors at airports and make customs agents ruff through our undies. It is such a hassle for everyone. Thankfully, now there some great travel bras available for traveling ladies. They are a modified version of sports bras that is easy to take care of. These are made mostly with cotton so it’s comfortable too. It has bit more style than a sports bra so it’s not as if we’re on a marathon. These are so comfortable you won’t even feel you are wearing one.

Choosing The Best Travel Bra

Travel Bra

Travel Bra | (c) Photo By Amazon

Considerations For Choosing A Travel Bra For Your Trip

What can you choose when you are packing your intimate apparel? I know those expensive women’s underwear is wonderful but when going on a vacation or a business trip, those fine things probably won’t be in the same shape as you pack in your suitcase. Here are few things to consider when you purchase bras online or from bra stores.

  • Expensive brand named bras can get lost, stolen (believe it or not), or will lose the shape after your suitcase have been thrown and crushed
  • Travel bra is made for comfort when you are on long journeys
  • If you are looking for something easy to fold, wash and quick drying, travel bra is the perfect choice
  • If you are traveling to warmer climates, consider getting a travel bra made from microfibers or rayon/poly blends. These materials will keep moisture away from your body
  • Check for strength, size, comfortable straps, strong hooks when you are purchasing the travel bras

Few Best Travel Bras

While there are plenty of bras for different occasions, these are few labels that promote travel bras which are most suited for traveling ladies.

1. ExOfficio Women’s Cross Over Bra

Travel Bra: ExOfficio Women's Cross Over Bra

ExOfficio Women's Cross Over Bra | (c) Photo By Amazon

Cross Over Bra is perfect if you are looking for a light weight bra with support. The bra is styles with lightweight fabric and features AEGIS Microbe Shield for antibacterial proection. When traveling, just rinse the Cross Over Bra at night and it’s fresh and ready the next morning.

2. Glamorise by Magic Lift

Travel Bra: Glamorise Magic Lift Bra

Glamorise Magic Lift Bra | (c) Photo By Freshpair

Glamorise by Magic Lift is perfect for active lifestyle. Made from stretch fabric for comfort and gives you the extra support. Breathable stretch sides and cotton-blend cups wick away moisture to keep you fresh and cool.

3. CoolMax Travel Bra

CoolMax Travel Bra

CoolMax Travel Bra | (c) Photo By CoolMax Underwear

CoolMax Travel Bra is made especially for the purpose of travels. It features a high-tech fabric that wicks moisture while providing comfortable all-day support. It has a wide band for support instead of under wire. This smooth-shaping bra has two-layer molded cups, mesh back for a seamless, no-line look and non-stop comfort. Straps may be worn crossed in back on the wireless bra.

These travel bras may not be the most intimate women’s underwear out there but for the purpose of comfort and durability during travels, any travel bra from above would be perfect and hassle-fee!

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