Things At Airports That Annoy Me The Most

As much as I enjoy flying and being in the air, airports are not on top of my list. They tend to stress and annoy me at times. The list goes on about airports, everything fr waiting in line to check in to snobby airline counter agents. When I’m at the airport, I just want to get through everything that is required and I sit on the plane seat, where I will be happy. Here are my so called pet peeves about airports.

Annoying Things At Airports

Airports: JKF Airport, USA

JKF Airport, USA | (c) Photo By naamtobatao

Little Plastic Bags

Security is one thing but those bags just do not make me happy at airports. I have seen travelers who do not know what to do with those bags (I am serious). There was a time when I had to ask security where I should put my mascara, in the plastic bag or elsewhere, and surprisingly the security guy “did not know” if I needed to put it in the bag or not!

Insane Prices

Yes, it is a competitive market inside airports but can we please stop charging travelers $8 for a simple sandwich or $5 for a bottle of water? I can make my own sandwich at home for cheaper than that. I don’t think basic food such as sandwich and water should be that expensive. In some countries, a person can survive a whole week with that money. If airports reduce their prices, most passengers would actually buy a snack, a coffee or a glass of wine as well.

Lack of Smoking Areas

Not that I am a smoker but  I do see a lot of frustrated passengers who get annoyed because they can not smoke once they get through security at airports. What annoys me is that because airports do not have this, the passengers who can not have a smoke will not stop mumbling that they can not smoke. Just have some kind of a tiny little space where they can go and take a puff. Then they will be happy and so will our ears.

Baggage Handling

We take the time to pack everything is such a nice manner only to take it to the airport and have it thrown and kicked by airport personnel. By the time we get our bags, the wheels are missing and there is no handle. Guess we should not be spending our money on expensive luggage with the way they treat the bags huh? I mean, we as travelers don’t ask our bags to be treated as kittens but at least a little care would be nice by the airports.

Confusing Gate Times On Airlines

Have you noticed that each airline seem to have different rules about gate closing times? Is it ten minutes before the flight is departing? Half an hour? It is a bit confusing. Not that I am running late all the time but there just do not seem to be any consistency about gate times.

Well those are my little pet peeves about airports. What annoys you the most at airports?

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