Travel App Review: TourWrist For iPhone & iPad

I recently had the chance to marvel at home on an innovative travel app for iPhone and iPad. While there are many travel apps, the one travel app that got my attention is the one that taps into gorgeous photography of places around the world. It’s an innovative new mobile application that allows users to travel remotely through the simple tap of a screen. This app instantly takes you away on a virtual tour of some of the most amazing cities, hotels, restaurants and much more without having to leave your home or spend a dime.

TourWrist Travel App Review

TourWrist Travel App

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How To Use This Mobile App?

TourWrist travel app is extremely easy to use. Just what I would expect to use with an all new iPhone 4S! SPARK LABS are the creators of this great mobile app called TourWrist. Using this travel app is like a real-life travel experience at the palm of your hands. Simply hold your iPhone with TourWrist app at eye level and turn around to see the views from different angles, just as if you were there and turning around in one spot. If you move the iPhone up, then you could see the tops of all the buildings, the bright blue sky and the beautiful skyline. If you turn around slowly, it is as if you were turning around while standing along the river in Chicago. Completely intuitive, an amazing tactile experience. It will surely make you feel as if you are being transported instantly to the spot.

Benefits of TourWrist Travel App

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There are many practical uses of this travel app. Imagine if you want to check out a hotel or resort before making a booking. How about a landmark you want to visit? Perhaps you are just curious to see if a restaurant looks like the luxurious five-stars it claims to be. TourWrist will answer all that for you. Using the gyroscope on iPhone, the app allows the user to view 360 degree panorama images.

Although TourWrist is an online mobile marketing platform, which is dedicated to helping people sell property, it is amazing how you would never think of it as a selling tool. Users can register for free and upload photos of homes, businesses, vacation spots or any real estate they would like to sell. The account is not restricted to just real estate. There are tours of ruins, museums, churches and many exotic locations. You can visit a local cafe, dine at a four star restaurant or look off the balcony of a penthouse hotel suite. You can find out information about the tour you are on by selecting the “info” feature. You can share photos of any of the tours on Facebook and Twitter using the “Share” feature. You can even book a trip right from within the app by selecting the “links” feature.

How The Tours/Pictures Get Added To TourWrist Travel App

  1. Professional photographers can import them one at a time using their site or in batch uploads
  2. Individuals and businesses can hire professional photographers to document properties, create the tours and upload to their system
  3. TW Capture app will allow anyone with an iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or the new iPod Touch to create and post “AmaTours” in a matter of seconds. These tours may not be as high in quality but will be extremely easy to make

How Much Is It?

This is absolutely FREE. There are no ad banners, no in-app purchases and no hidden subscription fees.

It is truly an amazing photography and travel app that offers virtual tours of some very beautiful places around the world. Pick up this universal travel app in the App Store today. Just don’t be waving your new TourWrist travel app on your new iPad 2 at the doctor’s office, a little embarrassing :)

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  1. Charu says:

    Will check this out, thanks Shamis…

  2. Eric Auxier says:

    What a cool idea for an app! Downloading it now!