Travel Tips: Boarding Etiquettes

Finally, it’s time to put those travel tips you’ve learned in to action, whether it’s about how to have a great fine dining experience or travel secrets to save big on your trips. Along with all these travel tips, have you ever considered boarding etiquette? Boarding etiquette is something most people never think of, and the holiday season is when you need it the most. We all know that boarding a plane can be like a gymnastic performance, especially during the holidays. Here are some travel tips on boarding etiquette that will guarantee you and other a much more pleasant travel experience.

Travel Tips: Boarding Etiquette

Travel Tips: Flight Boarding Etiquette

Travel Tips: Flight Boarding Etiquette | (c) Photo By She Knows

Travel Tips 1: Don’t Be A Gate Blocker

Anyone who travels frequently know the order of how a plane is boarded. Yet there are many travelers who forget that there is some boarding etiquette to this process. The process starts with those who need extra assistance due to physical challenges, then moves to parents traveling with kids, then first and business class and finally economy class starting at the back of the plane. Blocking passengers next to the gate row annoys both passengers and gate agents. If you really think about it, standing there won’t get you on the plane any quicker.

Travel Tips 2: Don’t Be An Aisle Hogger

When you get to your seat on the plane, place your personal items and carry-on bag in the appropriate locations and have a seat. Standing in the isle and going through your bag to find all your nick knacks sure does not make other passengers very happy. If you need to get things out of your bag, waiting until there’s a break in traffic. If you need help, ask for it from a flight attendant.

Travel Tips 3: Don’t Request Things So Quickly

Among the other travel tips, this one is very crucial in my opinion. If you don’t like the window seat you have been assigned to or anything else that’s not of the upmost urgency, be seated and wait. The time to ask the flight attendants is not when everyone else is boarding and the aisles are full. With a line of passengers behind you, requesting such things only slows down everyone, including yourself. Besides, flight attendants can’t do anything about your request at that time anyway.

Travel Tips 4: Quickly Put Away, Then Sit

This is one of the travel tips I’ve personally learned by traveling. The time to take necessary things you will need when in the plane is while still in the terminal, not while standing in the aisle. It’s better to ask for help than accidentally whack someone with your hand or carry-on bag.

Travel Tips 5: Don’t Try To Find The Ideal Overhead Space

Once you board the plane, don’t spend time trying to find the perfect spot to put your carry-on. If there is no room to put your carry-on bag, its time to flag down a flight attendant. Flight attendants are very keen on helping passengers store bags or direct you to a vacant overhead storage space.

Travel Tips 6: Save The Bathroom Trip

One thing that many passengers seem to do a lot is wanting to use the bathroom the minute they get onto the plane. Don’t try to go down the aisle when passengers are trying to board and getting settled in. Use the the bathroom before you board the plane if possible. However, if you must, at least wait until everyone is seated so you won’t block anything. Otherwise, you could be the one to delay take off.

When your travels start this holiday season, take the time to go through some travel tips on boarding etiquette. It will go a long way when you start boarding a plane. Others might just follow your lead too and make it a better travel experience for everyone. What travel tips you have on boarding etiquette?

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