Tune Up Your Travels With Music

What is it that we never forget when traveling? Besides the clothes of course. Well, it’s easy…music. We all need something to listen to while waiting in transit or on the ten hour plane ride. We know the plane music is not the greatest. So if you have your iPod and your music gadgets ready, these songs will make your trip move to the music. Check them out and let me know if they give you the spirit of travel.

Travel Music

Travel Music

Travel Music | (cc) Photo By Rick Harrison

Feel It – You would be making this your new favorite ‘driving’ song cause I sure did

Buffalo Soldier – If this doesn’t turn up visions of endless beaches, drinks and smiling faces, nothing will

Life For Rent – Any song with the line “I always thought I’d travel the world alone and live more simply” deserves a spot

I Like It – Never turn down an invitation to dance! There’s just too much fun to pass the opportunity

Empire State of Mind – Enough said

We Danced Away – Sometimes you simply want to dance away

Get Up, Stand Up – And get involved, don’t be shy! You get out what you put in

Where The Streets Have No Names –  Rip your map in half and let the song take you

Roam – Fly the skies, see the seas, run around all the continents. Go ahead, roam without a care

Use Somebody – Song title says it all

Fly Away – Think of all the places you would visit if you could fly, taking off with your wings and travel without the hassle of airports…does it get any better than that?

Break Away – A good song about setting out and spreading your wings. Like she says, it’s not easy to say goodbye but sometimes you just need to go explore

There you have it. Now go ahead and load up your iPods and MP3 players, slip on your earphones and crank up the tunes. Who knows where these songs will take you. What are your favorite travel songs that inspire you?

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