Visa Book – The Visa Guide For USA Citizens

For anyone planning a trip around the world, finding out visa requirements for each country could be a challenge. If you are a USA citizen, there is some good news for you. Instead of searching information on each country’s immigration website, you can simply pick up The Visa Book by Christine Gilbert.

The Visa Book: Visa Guide For US Citizens

The Visa Book

The Visa Book | (c) Photo By Almost Fearless

It is a visa guide book meant for USA passport holders who are planning to travel around the world. It covers 235 different countries and territories. The book will inform you if you require a visa to a particular country, how much it cost, how long it is valid and if yellow fever vaccination is needed. For instance, it won’t tell you where to dine or go skydiving, but it will tell you a visa to Argentina will cost a US citizen $140.

It also include links to several helpful online resources, such as:

  • If a visa is required
  • How long you can stay on a tourist visa
  • How much it will cost
  • If yellow fever vaccination is required
  • The US Department of State country profile
  • Lonely Planet page
  • US Embassy or Consulate website in the country (if it exist)
  • Wikipedia page
  • If a country belongs to Europe’s Schengen Zone

The Visa Book does not cover long term residency visa, work visa or education visa. In other words, this is only for tourist visa.

Any US citizen who plans a trip around the world can save hours of hassle trying to find out visa information thanks to this book. You can use that time to plan which beaches or spas you will be relaxing! It will be well worth the $10 you spend on the The Visa Book.

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