Why I Travel The World…A Picture Story

We all travel the world for different reasons. Some do it to spend their annual holiday, some do it for the adventure, and others do it for the love of travel and for its beauty. I travel because nature gave me two legs so I can walk around the world, two eyes so I can capture the paradise on earth, two ears to hear the sweet sound of the wind and a mouth to talk about what I have experienced…Here are my reasons expressed not in words, but with travel photos. What are your reasons to travel?

Why I Travel The World

2 Responses to “Why I Travel The World…A Picture Story”

  1. Shamis says:

    It definitely is a way to experience new cultures. Thanks for your comment!
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  2. Travelling is a very rewarding experience. It is not all about sightseeing. It is a way to experience new cultures.