Why Pack When You Can Rent Cloths?

How many of us pack our bags only to realize there are more cloths lying on bed that need to fit in the bag? Or just can’t find right cloths you need to take on the holiday? Well, all these questions are answered thanks to a company that enable travelers to rent clothes for their holiday. Yes…no more luggage. The idea is that you can travel light with just your carry-on and cut down heavy luggage.

Rent Cloths When You Travel

Rent Cloths

Rent Cloths

The company behind travel light concept is called Zero Baggage. Now the name sure is appealing to me as a woman. They offer five services – Virtual Credit, Virtual Suitcase, Virtual Closet, Virtual Wardrobe and Virtual Community. Names suggest what they are but check out the video on their website for more details. But can you really travel with no luggage? As to why this service was started, this is what the company website says:

Allowing for an environmentally responsible, anxiety-free way of living and traveling brings us closer to a state of seamless travel and weightless living. Less, truly becomes more. Movement and circulation of items create a robust new business model generating greater wealth over a longer period of time

How Does It Work?

How the whole ‘no baggage’ concept works is really simple. First decide if you are going to travel light. Then visit their website, sign up and create a profile by adding any or all of the five services, and you’re set. Everything is done online or via the mobile phone app, from ordering to picking up your clothes at your destination. It’s that simple.

Few Things To Ponder

Imagine having landed at your vacation destination, and the cloths you picked doesn’t look good on you. Would you not be stressed out and wish if you had your own favorite cloths with you? It might raise eye brows of immigration and custom officers in some countries when you have just a carry-on. Especially on a long flight where you would stay 2-3 weeks in the country.

Personally I wouldn’t want to do that mainly because I want my own cloths and accessories but this could work for you if you like traveling light. What are your thoughts on renting cloths on your travels?

2 Responses to “Why Pack When You Can Rent Cloths?”

  1. Shamis says:

    I know what you mean about shoes ;) The idea of renting cloths sure is unique. What’s more, this company offers an option to choose between new cloths and used cloths. Either way, like you are, the only cloths I’ve ever rented too is when entering to sacred places in Asia. This is not for me either but I guess it could work for some travelers.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kelly! :)
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  2. The only clothes I’ve ever rented while traveling were in Bangkok, Thailand and they were sweaty with giant fish (because tourists are required to be covered when entering the Grand Palace).

    I’m generally a very light packer, and would prefer to wear my own clothes. But this is certainly a unique and creative approach to avoiding the hassles of packing for a trip. I’m guessing there are probably a few travelers out there for whom this might work??

    But generally speaking, when you’re traveling in a foreign land, there’s something comforting about putting on your comfy t-shirt or favorite pair of jeans.

    ~cheers, @hiptraveler

    BTW, as a female, my biggest packing challenge is my shoes… not my clothes.