What To Pack For A Mediterranean Cruise

When you think about what to pack for a Mediterranean cruise, lots of things must come to your mind. Everything from clothes to deodorant. To be honest, packing for a cruise is much harder than packing for a holiday to a beach resort. This is why what to pack or what not to pack is always a dilemma. Believe it or not, cruise packing can easily go wrong if you don’t know what to pack. The biggest mistake is not trying to figure out what to pack but over packing. I know this from personal experience because I have spent lots of time sitting on top of an overstuffed suitcase battling to close the zipper. This is when I think to myself why didn’t someone tell me some tips on what to pack for a cruise! Here are my personal observations, what to pack and travel advice that will keep you a happy cruiser while you are sailing along the Mediterranean.

What To Pack For A Cruise

What To Pack For Cruise Ship In The Mediterranean

Cruise Ship In The Mediterranean | (c) Photo By Cheap Cruise Europe

What To Pack: Cloths

When it comes to clothing and what to pack in your suitcase, make sure you bring layers of clothing. If you are going to be in the Mediterranean during summer, it’s going to be hot. However, it will be cooler during the night, especially if the cruise ship is moving. A rain jacket is not a bad idea either. This is good to keep you warm and dry. Unlike a holiday in a sunny beach destination where all you need is a swimsuit, when going on cruises, you need to pack a variety of clothes.

Cloths For Women

When it comes to packing and women, I know the list is endless but thing to pack for a cruise is quite simple. Still the question remains, what to pack? Tank tops, skirts or shorts works well during the day. However, there will be times where you get off the cruise ship and require a bit more modesty, like if you are going to visit a Church. There were a few Churches that I visited that required a bit more modesty, and I was glad my packing included a scarf. It helped me cover up my shoulders or waist when visiting some Churches. Also, you don’t have to change for dinner while on a Mediterranean cruise but if you want to dress up a bit, a sundress is is really all the fancier you have to go. For other cruise lines, make sure to check the dress code before you decide what to pack. Some require more formal wear for the evenings so you’ll stand out in a bad way if you’re not dressed up.

Cloths For Men

For men, packing for a Mediterranean cruise is somewhat simple. If you are going to wear polo shirts with shorts or a trouser you are good to go. That’s how your list on what to pack is simple. Being dressed like this is pretty much like being at a lunch at a country club. Jackets and ties are not needed when you are thinking about what to pack, though a sports coat could be a nice touch for the Captain’s Dinner, typically on the second-to-last night.

What To Pack: For Your Head

What to pack for your head? Well it’s quite self explanatory but you will be amazed that some people do forget. Consider taking a hat. Other thing you must definitely pack is a pair of sunglasses. It will be sunny and breezy on deck so having these two accessories would be of benefit to cover up from the sun.

What To Pack: For The Water

When the cruise ship stops at ports, nearly all of them have beaches close by. So when you are thinking what to pack when you make a splash in the water, make sure you pack your swimwear. If you plan any water activities like scuba diving, make sure to bring your SCUBA certificate. Otherwise you will have to take lessons before they let you go out to the water. For any other water sport like snorkeling or kayaking, be sure to bring your water suit, if you have one.

What To Pack: For Your Feet

I’m amazed at women who decide to wear stiletto heels on a cruise ship all day. It’s fine if you can do it but for those of us who can’t balance 5 inch heels, we need an alternative. A pair of ballet flats would do just fine. It would also seem to embody the informal elegance while you are on a Mediterranean cruise. If the ladies must have fancier shoes and is trying to figure out what to pack, I would suggest a strap around your heel or close-toed shoes. For men, you can take a pair of loafers, trainers or tennis shoes. There could be times where you might go on a excursion on a rocky mountain when you are off the cruise ship. For such moments, a pair of running shoes would be handy. So before packing, check the specific details of your voyage and plan accordingly as to what to pack for your feet.

What To Pack: Miscellaneous


Just like any other holiday you plan, you have to pack your necessities like deodorant, toothbrush etc. However, there are other things like making sure you have all of your medications and enough sunscreen. I’m sure you don’t want to spend 16 Euros on a sunscreen. Don’t forget to pack seasickness pills or motion sickness aids as well.


Being on a cruise and lounging in the sunlight is great. So make sure you take a book or two. It will be a delight for yourself to lay on a deck chair and read away the books you wanted to read for sometime. I see it as a ideal blend of relaxation and intellectual entertainment.


Bring your camera, camcorder, any extra memory cards and batteries you might need. Always assume the worst when you think of what to pack. You probably don’t want to be caught out wanting to capture a moment of a beautiful sunset off the breathtaking coastline and having no battery left in your camera.


When it comes to money there is no need at all. You don’t need any cash on board. Any purchases on board require a credit card. You can also include a tip on the credit card itself. Most ports have ATM’s in case you need cash on land and need to grab a few souvenirs.

By following these simple tips on what to pack for your next Mediterranean cruise, you won’t have an oversize suitcase – guaranteed! This way, everything you need will be there and what you don’t will be at home. Now you know what to pack for your Mediterranean cruise, get ready to enjoy your dream cruise.

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    Very insightful article. A lot of what you mentioned here are applicable for any kind of travel, not just for cruises. This would definitely help travelers make a good check list to be sure that they have everything they need to enjoy their trip whether on a cruise, plane, or on a road trip.
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