World’s Best Underwater Experiences

Ever dream of under experiences in the ocean like a little Mermaid? How about a nice meal under the ocean while the fish swim right pass by you? If underwater experiences like this is what you have been looking for here is some good news for you. Underwater hotels and restaurants are now becoming popular than ever. Countries around the world are hyping the next best underwater experience for travelers. Here are some of the world’s best places where you can get some great underwater experiences.

Best Underwater Experiences & Hotels

Sleep With Fish – Fiji Islands

Best Underwater Experiences: Poseidon Underwater Lounge

Poseidon Underwater Lounge | (c) Photo By womansday

Enjoy your fascination with starfish and the creatures of the ocean at the new Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji islands. The resort is very “James Bond” with a high speed elevator that will take you from the surface to the sea bed where you can enjoy your stay in futuristic domes. There is also a submarine where guests can go around the lagoon. One small note though. There is a long waiting list to book one of these under sea rooms in Fiji Islands and the prices are on the high side as well.

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Swim To Your Room – Florida

Jules Undersea Lodge in Florida is the one and only place in the world where you can scuba dive right into the reception area of the Lodge. It is housed inside a converted marine laboratory off the coast of Key Largo in Florida. Dining in this futuristic Florida Lodge is one of a kind. Your meals are delivered from the surface in waterproof containers. One important thing to keep in mind before you book this Lodge is that guests must be certified divers. If not, they should take a special introductory diving course. This is for your own good and to the best underwater experiences in Florida.

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Get Married Underwater – Thailand

Want to make a splash on your wedding day? Why not consider an underwater destination wedding in Trang, Thailand? Every Valentines Day couples with scuba tanks descend to an altar located 12 meters beneath the Andaman Ocean for a full Thai wedding ceremony. Your marriage certificate is singed under the sea as well. To end the ceremony the happy couple release one million baby shrimps and a giant clam to the ocean. If you are interested in an under sea marriage, the Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony runs from 12 to 14 February every year.

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The Ultimate Fish Supper – Maldives

Best Underwater Experiences: The Conrad Rangali Resort Dining

The Conrad Rangali Resort Dining | (c) Photo By latimesblogs

Like to indulge in fish? The place to be is Conrad Maldives Rangali Island in Maldives. The resort will offer you a dinning experience like no other. Covered by a curving glass canopy, this Maldives restaurant floats beneath swirling tropical fish 5 meters below the surface of Indian Ocean. You will see lot of stingrays, groupers and sharks while you dine. So think of it as an aquarium where the fish get to watch you eat. The delicious menu includes such dishes as spiced scallops, tuna sashimi and lobster fricassee. Best time to visit this under ocean restaurant is from December to March.

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Submarine Cocktails – Israel

A view of starfish lanterns and jellyfish chairs in The Red Sea Star is where you can enjoy your next cocktail. Located off the coast of Eilat, Israel, The Red Sea Star offers a sip of sea breeze cocktail at the bottom of the ocean. Do not forget the view of amazing coral gardens and little colorful ocean fish.

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Diving With Great White Sharks – South Africa

Best Underwater Experiences: A Great White Shark In Southern Cape

A Great White Shark In Southern Cape | (c) Photo By aatravel

If you want an adrenaline rush underwater, why not go diving with the great white sharks? The place for this is Gansbaai in the Southern Cape, where the big fish swim. Let us not forget that there is an aluminum cage that you are inside when swimming with these sharks. If you want to be even more adventurous, you have the choice of selecting a clear plastic tube between you and the ocean’s greatest killing machines. This sure is one of the most adventurous underwater experiences you can have.

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These are some of the most beautiful under sea places you can visit around the world. Explore sunken treasures, marine animals and the mysterious depths of the underwater world. Don’t forget to share your underwater experiences here.

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