World’s Tallest Climbing Wall At Bjoeks Climbing Center

Adventure travelers who want to ride the waves usually head off to Hawaii. Mountain hikers head off to Nepal. And where would the ultimate rock climbing traveler head off to? It is no where else than the Netherlands. In the city of Groningen, you will find the daring structure that will take rock climbers to their heights. It is called The Excalibur, the tallest climbing wall of the world. The Excalibur is located at the Bjoeks Klimcentrum (Bjoeks Climbing Center).

Tallest Climbing Wall of The World

The Excalibur at Bjoeks Climbing Center, Netherlands

World's Tallest Climbing Wall, Netherlands | (c) Photo By jorymon

Bjoeks Klimcentrum towers 121 feet above the ground, and the height definitely provides a challenge. Not only because of the wind but the fact that The Excalibur curves 11 meters (36 feet) out from the base. This sure is no easy climbing wall. Being the tallest climbing wall of the world doesn’t help either. Bjoeks Climbing Center is open daily until 11:00 pm. There are variety of indoor climbing walls too, including one for the first time climbers and another that is at 45 degrees angle.

This looks like a fun place for all the rock climbing travelers. If I ever go to Netherlands, I sure would visit Bjoeks Climbing Center. What about you?

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