Floating Dutchman Tour Bus in Amsterdam

When you are at an airport on transit, odds are you would want to enjoy a drink, eat, shop or watch other people pass by to kill the waiting time. However, if you are at Amsterdam Airport on transit with at least few hours, you can do something way better. There is a new entertaining and amphibious option. It is non other than the Floating Dutchman -The Floating Amsterdam Tour Bus.

Amsterdam Tour Bus Floating Dutchman

Amsterdam Tour Bus Floating Dutchman

Amsterdam Tour Bus Floating Dutchman | (c) Photo By Last Minutes Amsterdam

The Floating Dutchman tour bus is a cross between a tour bus and a boat. Tourists to Amsterdam can take a drive from Amsterdam Airport to the city. Floating Dutchman will give passengers a floating canal tour, a highway tour, an Amsterdam city tour and finally take you back to the Amsterdam airport in time for your next flight. The tour bus carries 48 passengers and runs on battery power. It is a partnership between the Amsterdam airport, the city of Amsterdam and a local cruise company.

Floating Dutchman Tour Bus Details

Availability: Daily
Amsterdam Tour Duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes
Start Times: 9:00 am, 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm
Ticket Cost: Adults – $56/Euro 39, Children – $28/Euro 19.50, Free for children under 4

If you book online, you get a 10% discount.

While the Amsterdam airport offer many amenities such as terminal hotels, a casino, a library, restaurants, outdoor observation deck, a park with trees inside the terminal and more than 100 shops to keep you busy, Floating Dutchman tour bus is a great way to Amsterdam sightseeing and enjoy yourself. Whether you have a transfer at Amsterdam Airport or want to start your Amsterdam holiday with a splash, the Floating Dutchman tour bus would be a spectacular way to experience the city.

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